Woods Ventilation Fans


Woods Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are required and important for use in commercial spaces as well as in homes. The manufacturers of home and commercial ventilation fans are usually different. Several popular manufacturers of commercial ventilation fans can be found, and among them is FlaktWoods. They manufacture the Woods range of ventilation fans meant for use in commercial buildings and industries.

About Woods Ventilation Fans

Woods ventilation fans are manufactured by FlaktWoods, a company devoted to providing air technology solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industry. Energy efficient products at superior levels of performance is what FlaktWoods is known for. The history of the company itself dates back to as far as 1909, with the formation of Woods fans. Later mergers and acquisitions let to the formation of the brand as it is known today, FlaktWoods ventilation systems.

Woods Ventilation Fans Products

A wide range of Woods ventilation fans products are available for use in various settings. All the products can be divided into two major categories: Buildings and Industry. Let’s take a look at some of the important products from Woods.
  • Buildings: Woods ventilation fans for buildings are designed to provide air climate solutions that are energy-efficient. Clean, fresh air is provided for people at various types of buildings such as offices, commercial spaces, hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, etc. Some of the models or products available are: Centriflow Plus fans, CleanVent air terminal devices, eQ and CC air handling units, iQ star chilled beams, etc.

  • Industry: For industry and infrastructure use, Woods ventilation fans are again designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Products are available for different types of industrial application such as Tunnels, Metros, Steel, Cement, Mining, Transformers, Petrochemical, Nuclear, etc.

Application of Woods Ventilation Fans

Several industrial and commercial applications exist for the ventilation products from FlaktWoods ventilation systems. Mining is one of the major industries where Wood ventilation fans are used. Mining requires good quality of air as well as good air movement to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Twin and triple fan concepts are used to provide ventilation to underground coal mines, creating suitable conditions for miners to carry on with their work. Mining vehicles are also provided with appropriate cooling systems.

For food processing industries, Woods ventilation fans are manufactured to be used in different food production units. A few examples include pasta dryers, ventilation for industrial freezers, baking powder manufacturing and in industrial ovens. In industrial freezers, Woods ventilation fans are used to push air through a cooler and this cool air is responsible for the freezing of the products. Industrial ovens also require the constant flow of air, which is accomplished through high temperature axial or centrifugal fans.

Purchasing Woods Ventilation Fans

The best place to gather information on Woods ventilation fans is their official website, www.flaktwoods.com. Write-ups explaining the background of the company, their various products and applications are very useful to decide on what you would need to purchase. If you are interested, you can request to speak to a local sales contact from the same website. FlaktWoods provide ventilation solutions across many continents and countries.

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