Fans for Ventilation


Fans for Ventilation

Ventilation is a very important factor to consider during the construction of any kind of building or enclosed space. Be it for commercial or domestic purposes, a room needs to be well ventilated in order to maintain a healthy environment. Traditionally, large windows and doors were used to provide air circulation and ventilation. However, with increasing population and demand for indoor spaces in modern times, rooms have become smaller and so have the sizes of windows and doors.

Natural means of ventilation are no longer sufficient, more so in environments where the air is high in moisture and chemicals. Mechanical means need to be employed to push out stale air and bring fresh air inside. Fans for ventilation are pretty common, and are used in various spaces.

What are Fans for Ventilation?

Fans used for ventilation purposes differ in design from regular ceiling or wall fans. These fans are designed with the sole purpose of air circulation in indoor environments. The most basic model or design of fans for ventilation has a set of blades attached in a frame, mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. The blades rotate at a certain speed creating suction that pulls out hot and stale air. There are quite a few different designs and models available in such fans that not only serve the purpose of ventilation but also provide an aesthetic appeal.

Features of Fans for Ventilation

As with any other product, ventilation fans also come with added features. Let’s take a look at some of the additional features available with these fans.
  • Varying Speeds: A room may not always need the same amount of ventilation. At times the air may be too stale and at times, the toxins in the air may be low. To accommodate such situations, ventilation fans with varying speeds are available. Depending on the amount of stale air in the room that needs to be expelled, the speed of the fan can be set or selected.

  • Noise: Low end fans for ventilation tend to make more noise. Noiseless or low-noise fans are available at higher prices. The noise made by exhaust fans could be quite annoying. It is best to select a fan that has tolerable levels of noise, at an affordable price.

  • Light: Light fixtures are another feature on some models of ventilation fans. These types of fans are most commonly used in bathrooms. When you visit the bathroom in the night, switching on the fan will automatically activate the light, which is quite a convenient feature.

  • Design: Fans for ventilation are made in many pleasing colors and designs. Especially in the kitchen, hooded fans are available for stove tops that look very elegant and go with the rest of the room décor.

Purchasing Fans for Ventilation

After considerable research, you will be able to figure out what type and size of ventilation fans are required for the rooms in your house. Once you have decided what you need to purchase, you can look in local hardware and electric stores, or on the internet.

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