Penn Ventilation Fans


Penn Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are a must-have in domestic and industrial settings in today’s environment. It is quite common to find cramped up spaces that do not receive natural ventilation in the form of fresh air and sunlight from windows and doors. In such rooms and spaces, mechanical ventilation in the form of fans needs to be installed. This is important to create living spaces that are not hazardous to human health.

Penn Ventilation Fans

Several big brands of ventilation fans are available in the market today and Penn is one of them. Penn ventilation fans are well known for their quality and reliability. These fans are manufactured by PennBarry, under the name of Penn ventilation systems. PennBarry provide ventilation fans mostly for industrial and commercial use. Depending on your requirement, a range of products are available to choose from.

Types of Penn Ventilation Fans

Let’s take a look at some of the products and types of ventilation fans available from Penn.
  • Commercial Ventilation Fans: General Penn ventilation fans for commercial purposes are designed to meet the needs of buildings used for restaurants, office spaces, educational institutions and other similar facilities. The focus for this range of products is to provide high quality ventilation solutions at affordable prices.

  • Industrial Ventilation Fans: Industrial settings have their own specific requirements for ventilation. These fans are built keeping in mind the rigorous environment in which they have to be used. Activities such as the handling of toxic materials producing fumes, lab experiments, and other heavy duty procedures need special care in terms of ventilation.

  • Energy Recovery: Penn Ventilation Fans are available in a special range that is designed to save energy while providing optimum ventilation. Not only is fresh air provided at lower levels of humidity, there is also a reduction in the design load of the heating or cooling system. This results in the saving of a large amount of energy.

  • Kitchen Ventilation Fan: A kitchen hood line of Penn ventilation fans is available in a wide variety of styles. These fans provide effective ventilation in commercial kitchens, providing an aesthetic appeal as well. Many types of kitchen ventilation fans can be found in this line, such as exhaust, exhaust with internal makeup air, low profile, or vapor only.

Purchasing Penn Ventilation Fans

The PennBarry website is a great place to start looking for information on their line of ventilation fans. Sufficient details and product descriptions can be found on the site, along with an e-catalog to take a look at all their products. You can look at pictures of all the Penn ventilation fans on the gallery.

Technical support for Penn ventilation fans is not hard to find. All the information pertaining to common issues and questions are neatly organized and presented on the site. In order to make a purchase, a local representative of the company needs to be contacted, who will take care of all your needs. Information about local representatives is also provided on their website,

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