Whole House Ventilation Fans


Whole House Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is an important part of any house in modern times. Stuffy air that is hot and filled with moisture and toxins poses a serious health hazard if trapped in indoor spaces for a long time. The circulation of fresh air needs to take place for a house to be fit for living in. In older times, ventilation occurred naturally through large windows and doors. However, these means are no longer sufficient in houses these days and mechanical ventilation in the form of fans is needed for the whole house.

Ventilation Fans for the Whole House

Various activities are carried out in different rooms of the house that make it necessary for the use of ventilation fans. Some of the reasons why the whole house needs ventilation fans are:
  • Bathroom: Showers and cleaning activities cause a lot of moisture and air to be trapped inside the room, along with heat. The temperature of the bathroom needs to be brought down, apart from expelling all the toxins and moisture in the air. Ventilation fans are needed for this purpose.

  • Kitchen: Cooking is done in the kitchen that causes smoke and fumes to rise up in the air. Grease splatters around, and strong odors are released. All this needs to be removed from the kitchen as they arise. Ventilation fans not only need to be installed on the wall, but also directly above or near the stove to remove fumes effectively.

  • Bedrooms/Living Spaces: It is quite common to find rooms in houses today that do not have a source of natural light due to cramped up constructions or small doors and windows. In such rooms, the circulation of fresh air and oxygen is drastically reduced, and breathing could become a problem. To reduce the stuffiness, exhaust or ventilation fans can be installed. This not only introduces fresh air, but also lowers the temperature of the room effectively.

  • Garages/Attics/Basements: These rooms are large and generally used as storage spaces. Due to the large amount of time that items remain in the room without being moved, moisture and trapped odors could cause the formation of mildew and fungus. This can be avoided by ventilating the room well with the help of fans.
  • It is quite evident that the whole house needs ventilation fans to keep the air fresh and clean indoors.

    Installing Ventilation Fans for the Whole House

    Instead of installing individual fans in each and every room where there is a need, the whole house can be ventilated with a central system. Such a system is very similar to centralized air conditioning. In fact, using the same ducts and vents, the whole house can be installed with ventilation fans. The ducts of the air conditioning are used for the movement and passage of air to and from the outside. The vents are used to install fans to suck out stale air and blow in fresh air.

    Using this type of ventilation system for the whole house, air circulation in the house takes place easily and effortlessly, keeping it cool at all times. This is a more efficient system of cooling when compared to air conditioners, as it requires less power.

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