Ventilation Fans FAQs


Ventilation Fans FAQs

Purchasing ventilation fans for your home or business involves a lot of research and decision. You would need to select the right type of ventilation system and fans, depending on the type and size of the rooms and the quality of air you expect would be prevalent in these rooms. Ventilation fans FAQs are a great way to get started with the selection process.

Common Ventilation Fans FAQs

Ventilation fans are required in almost all indoor spaces. In commercial buildings such as offices and restaurants, as well as in domestic settings, ventilation fans are of great importance. Since natural methods are no longer sufficient to produce acceptable volumes of ventilation, fans need to be used as a mechanical alternative.

Let’s take a look at some of the common ventilation fans FAQs.
  • Size: One of the usual ventilation fans FAQs revolves around size. Before purchasing a ventilation fan, you need to consider both the size of the room as well as the size of the fan. If the fan is too small, then it would not be able to provide sufficient ventilation to cover the entire area of the room. Hence the two should be appropriate.

  • Type of Room: the second FAQ related to ventilation fans is about the type of room where the fan needs to be installed. Different fans have different requirements for ventilation. For instance, the air in bathrooms is rich in moisture, whereas in kitchens it is common to find airborne grease and strong odors. Given the difference in the quality of air, the design of the fan would vary too.

  • CFM: The third and equally important aspect of ventilation fans FAQs is regarding the CFM (Cubic flow per minute) of air flow produced by the fan. Fans producing different ranges of CFM are available and the right one needs to be chosen based on the volume of ventilation required.

  • Speed: The speed of rotation of the blades is another important point. If you are wondering what speed the fan should be rotating at to provide optimum ventilation, you might want to consider fans that have multiple speed options. The contaminants in the air are not always at the same level, and hence the speed might have to be adjusted manually.

  • Light: Last, but not least, some ventilation fans FAQs are about additional fixtures on ventilation fans, such as lights. Light fixtures are available on both bathroom as well as kitchen fans. For bathrooms, the light comes on as soon as the fan is switched on and is a handy feature to have. For kitchens, hood fans have a light that illuminates the cooking surface better.

Reading Ventilation fans FAQs

There are many websites on the internet where it is possible to read the common ventilation fans FAQs. These websites also provide comparisons between different brands of ventilation fans and reviews of products as well. You can take a look at all this information, and then place an order for a ventilation fan from the comfort of your home. Or, you could visit a local retail store to purchase a ventilation fan.

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