Marine Ventilation Fans


Marine Ventilation Fans

The word marine could refer to anything that is found in, used in, or produced by the sea or ocean. Different types of boats, yacht, ships, etc. are used on the ocean or the sea as means of transport. Marine transportation could vary from a simple boat to large scale ships that can house thousands of people. Needless to say, marine transportation has its own ventilation requirements, just as any other indoor space does.

What are Marine Ventilation Fans?

Marine ventilation fan is a broad term used to describe any type of ventilation system installed in marine transportation. Different types of fans are available depending on the nature of usage. A basic fan is similar to one used in any household; a set of blades that rotate and create suction, drawing out stale air and expelling it outside. The size, design, model, functionality and features of different marine ventilation fans would greatly differ based on the nature the of environment where they will be used.

Uses of Marine Ventilation Fans

Just as there are several types of marine transportation, there are several uses of marine ventilation fans. Let’s take a look at a few of these uses.
  • Many boats have a lower deck which is an enclosed indoor space. There are no windows in these spaces, to bring in fresh air and sunlight. The use of marine ventilation fans is thus necessary. These are simple wall fans, installed in such a way that they are able to suck out stale air and replace it with fresh air outside.

  • In commercial cruise liners and ships, cooking is carried out in large scale kitchens. The activities in these kitchens produces a lot of smoke, fumes, strong odors, etc. that could be hazardous if not expelled immediately. Proper marine ventilation fans and systems for these kitchens need to be installed to extract the polluted air and transfer it outside.

  • Bathrooms, showers, gym areas and other indoor spaces in commercial cruise liners also require exhaust fans. The moisture present in bathrooms and showers due to the use of water, along with other toxic substances need to be removed as soon as possible. Ventilation systems are installed for this as well.

  • Marine ventilation fans are required on cargo ships too. These ships transport a wide variety of materials, sometimes those which release toxic fumes that are hazardous. To deal with such indoor spaces as well, exhaust fans are needed.

Types of Marine Ventilation Systems

Marine ventilation fans may be installed as a part of an intermittent or continuous system. In the former system, individual units of ventilation fans are installed that take care of air circulation only in the room where they are installed. On the other hand, with a continuous system, a vent providing air circulation is installed almost in every part of the ship or boat, and ventilation takes place throughout. The requirement of ventilation in the indoor spaces would determine what type of system needs to be used.

Marine ventilation fans are available for purchase from manufacturers or wholesalers. Many products from manufacturers may be found online on their websites.

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