Sub Floor Ventilation Fans


Sub Floor Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is one of the most important aspects to plan for while constructing or remodeling your house. Without proper ventilation systems in place, there would be no circulation of air indoors, leading to the atmosphere inside being damp and stale all the time. Different systems of ventilation may be employed depending on the nature and use of a particular room.

Ventilation systems may be natural or mechanical. While natural systems of ventilation do not need any fans since air circulation takes place naturally through windows or doors, mechanical systems require forced air flow with the use of fans. In spaces where the windows are too small, or entirely absent, fans are needed.

What are Sub Floor Ventilation Fans?

Mechanical ventilation in homes is required for bathrooms, kitchens, attics, basements, etc. The need for ventilation in these rooms is due to the presence of excessive amounts of moisture and heat. In basements, it is common to find that there is a build-up of extra moisture beneath the flooring. While this is true in all rooms in certain buildings, this phenomenon is more commonly found in basements.

This build-up of moisture occurs due to the infiltration of moisture into the building from the soil below. The resultant rising damp is what causes the moisture to accumulate beneath the floor. As a result of this moisture, the growth of fungus and also termites is increased, which could cause damage to the structural components of the building. Floor warping and the lifting of tiles could also occur.

Sub floor ventilation fans are the effective solution to this problem. There are several ways in which ventilation fans can be used to expel the moisture beneath the flooring. Broadly, these may be classified as passive and active ventilation. In passive methods vents are installed, made of mesh or brick. In the active method of ventilation, sub floor ventilation fans are installed along with ducts. These ducts are necessary when the sub floor areas are larger.

Advantages of Sub Floor Ventilation Fans

There are quite a few benefits of having sub floor ventilation fans installed in your basement. Let’s take a look at a few of these advantages.
  • Elimination of Infestation: As discussed earlier, the lingering presence of moisture beneath the floor will result in the growth of unwanted substances like mold, and also the infestation of termites. Infestations can be easily avoided with the use of sub floor ventilation fans.

  • Healthy Environment: The growth of mold and other types of fungi could result in an environment that causes respiratory issues and allergies. To remove the possibility of health hazards and to maintain a safe breathing environment, you need to consider installing sub floor ventilation systems.

  • Low Maintenance: By automating the system of sub floor ventilation fans, you can reduce the time and effort spent in maintaining your house. By installing a thermostat along with the ventilation fans, they will come on automatically when the temperature and humidity indoors reaches a certain level.
Sub floor ventilation fans can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer websites.

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