Large Ventilation Fans


Large Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are an integral part of living and commercial spaces today. It is impossible to even think of indoor environments that are not fitted with some sort of mechanical ventilation system. Natural ventilation is rarely sufficient to provide the kind of air flow and circulation required to remove hot and stale air from rooms. Improper ventilation could lead to respiratory ailments, allergic conditions, and unfortunately, sometimes even death.

Large Ventilation Fans

Based on the size and capacity of functioning, ventilation fans could either be small or large. While small ventilation fans are most often used in small spaces and domestic environments, large ventilation fans find use in commercial or industrial settings.

While there is no specific measurement or standard to define large ventilation fans, we can safely say that these fans are used for large scale or heavy duty ventilation.

Applications of Large Ventilation Fans

Let’s take a look at some of the applications of large ventilation fans in domestic and industrial environments.
  • Commercial Kitchens: In restaurants and hotels, commercial kitchens carry out large scale cooking operations. This results in the release of huge amounts of airborne grease, smoke, fumes and odors. To remove these substances, expel stale air and bring in fresh air, the use of large ventilation fans is recommended.

  • Industries: Industrial environments are full of chemical substances that are handled and transported all the time. This releases fumes and toxins into the air. Apart from this, the manufacturing and chemical processes tend to release a lot of smoke. Ventilation fans are needed to deal with this kind of an environment.

  • Mining Operations: Underground mines where several miners work, rarely get any form of sunlight or air. Moreover, the explosions carried out to break down ore release poisonous gases. Sound ventilation systems are needed for effectively circulation air in these places.

  • Educational Institutions: Schools and colleges have buildings with several bathrooms and large sized kitchens. Large ventilation fans catering to the large number of people in these buildings need to be installed.

  • Offices: Office spaces are generally enclosed and rely solely on mechanical ventilation systems for the circulation of fresh air. Overhead or underfloor ventilation is installed to provide coverage to the entire area.

Types of Large Ventilation Fans

Large ventilation fans may work on a variety of principles and also come in various designs, models and styles. For instance, depending on the direction of flow of the air in relation to the shaft of the fan, ventilation fans may be classified as Centrifugal or Axial-Flow fans. Depending on the direction of air flow in the room, there could be crossflow ventilation fans and tunnel ventilation fans.

Large fans for commercial buildings differ from those in industries, since the latter need to be equipped for more heavy duty ventilation.

Purchasing Large Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans can be purchased from local or online retailers, or directly from manufacturers. For business clients, manufacturers sell their products directly through their websites. It is possible through websites to request for a representative to visit the premises and provide solutions for ventilation systems.

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