Commercial Ventilation Fans


Commercial Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are used in both domestic as well as commercial spaces. In homes, they are used in the kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement, garage, etc. The purpose of ventilation fans for homes is to promote the circulation of fresh air and remove substances such as moisture, grease, fumes, chemical substances, from the air.

In commercial spaces too, ventilations are used for similar purposes and more.

What are Commercial Ventilation Fans?

A commercial space could refer to any kind of establishment where large scale activities tend to take place. The kind of activity would determine the type and quality of the air present in that environment. Depending on this, different ventilation fans are available and the right ones need to be selected after careful planning and consideration.
Let’s take a look at some of the types of commercial spaces.
  • Shopping malls and stores would require commercial ventilation fans most often in storage areas. In basements and other back end storage spaces, the air tends to be stale and damp. To clear up the air and make way for fresh air, ventilation fans are required.

  • Restaurants and Hotels: Commercial kitchens in restaurants have large scale cooking activities that invariably produce high levels of fumes, smoke, etc. along with strong odors and grease. All these need to be expelled with the help of specially designed kitchen ventilation fans. In hotels, bathrooms require to be installed with ventilation fans as well.

  • Industries: Industries are places where heavy duty ventilation is required. Owing to the nature of the materials that are handled in industries and the type of activities that are carried out, commercial ventilation fans that provide large scale ventilation need to be installed.

  • Educational Institutions: Though not strictly commercial, educational institutions like schools and colleges require commercial ventilation fans in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and other such areas. The size of the room, the number of people occupying it, etc. are some of the factors that need to be considered before installing fans.

  • Offices: Office spaces require ventilation fans again, in bathrooms, kitchens, and general working areas.

Types of Commercial Ventilation Fans

The ventilation provided by commercial ventilation fans may be of three types:
  • Continuous Ventilation: This type of ventilation is provided in offices and large commercial establishments. It is not limited to any particular room, but the ventilation is extended to the entire building. It is also known as indoor air quality ventilation. Ceiling commercial ventilation fans installed as a centralized system through vents and ducts form a part of this type of ventilation.

  • Intermittent Ventilation: This type of ventilation system is more suited for specific areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or laboratories. The ventilation is not continuous but switched on as and when required. The individual ceiling or wall mounted ventilation fans are chosen based on the environment where they will be used.

  • Inline Ventilation: This system may be intermittent or continuous, but they differ in the method of installation. These commercial ventilation fans are remotely installed and tend to have multiple exhaust inlets attached to ducts.
The correct commercial ventilation fans suitable for any environment are chosen with the help of a representative sent by the manufacturer.

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