Portable Ventilation Fans


Portable Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are of great use in several types of environments. Domestic as well as commercial spaces require the proper circulation of air. In rooms where specific activities are conducted that release toxic chemicals, moisture and heat, ventilation fans are more important. Natural ventilation and air circulation is not sufficient in such an atmosphere.

Types of Ventilation Fans

There are many types of ventilation fans classified based on the model, design, shape, installation and functionality. Based on the installation, ventilation fans may be of two types:
  • Fixed Ventilation Fans: These fans are installed on the wall or on the ceiling and are fixed to a particular place in a room.

  • Portable Ventilation Fans: These fans are not fixed in any particular place but can be moved from room to room.

What are Portable Ventilation Fans?

Portable ventilation fans, as the name suggests, are not fixed or installed in any specific location. These fans are designed in such a way that they can me moved around and used in any location where the need for ventilation exists.

Portable fans for ventilation are useful in situations where rooms or enclosed spaces do not require ventilation unless a certain activity is being conducted in that area. These fans are also useful in large rooms, where a single fan installed on the wall or ceiling does not provide sufficient ventilation.

How do Portable Ventilation Fans Work?

Ventilation fans that can be carried around are very handy. These fans have a set of blades in a housing construction that is cylindrical. Portable vents are available that need to be purchased. The fan needs to be taken to the space where ventilation is required. It has to be positioned in the right space, with a space to expel stale air outside. The fan has to be attached to a portable vent, so that the air sucked from the atmosphere can be expelled with ease.

Portable ventilation fans are made with a variety of materials. The blades are made of some kind of metal, usually aluminum. The housing in which the fan is placed is made of steel or any other strong material. The housing also consists of a handle and legs with rubber feet.

Different models of portable ventilation fans are available. The simplest of models has just a fan with an outlet space to attach to a vent. More complex models are designed for specific needs. Different sizes of fans with varying diameters can be purchased, the right size can be selected based on the size of the room and the amount of air flow required.

Uses of Portable Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are of extreme use, in domestic as well as commercial settings. In homes, portable ventilation fans can be used in garages, attics and basements. When any kind of repair work or activity is being done in such spaces and the regular exhaust fan is not sufficient, additional ventilation can be provided with the use of portable fans.

In commercial spaces, fans can be used in workshops and industrial settings during painting, reglazing, resurfacing, auto repair work, etc. These fans can be purchased on the internet from several websites.

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