Confined Space Ventilation Fans


Confined Space Ventilation Fans

Confined spaces are commonly found in homes and other buildings today. A confined space can be defined as an indoor room that does not have large enough windows or doors to bring in natural sunlight and air flow. When natural ventilation is impossible, it only makes sense to install mechanical fans to provide ventilation. Confined space ventilation fans are used in a variety of areas.

Applications of Confined Space Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans for confined spaces find use in domestic as well as commercial settings. In the absence of a proper ventilation system, the air inside a room will not only get stuffy and hot, but also hazardous for inhalation. To avoid these issues, confined space ventilation fans are installed.

Let’s take a look at some of the uses of ventilation fans in domestic confined spaces.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms, especially small ones, are some of the most common confined spaces you can find in a home or an office. Bathrooms have small windows that hardly bring in any fresh air. The excessive use of water and chemical products causes the buildup of moisture and toxins in the air. Confined space ventilation fans for bathrooms work very well in expelling this stale air and bringing in fresh air.

  • Attic/Basement: The attic and basement in any house are used as storage areas. Unused articles are dumped in there, never to be moved for several years at a time. Also, chemical substances like paint and cleaning materials may be stored in there that produce toxic fumes. To combat all this and prevent the formation of mold due to moisture, attic/basement ventilation fans need to be installed.

    These are a few applications of confined space ventilation fans in homes. Somewhat similar applications exist in commercial spaces.

  • Barns: Barns are large commercial structures used for storage, or for housing, feeding and cleaning animals. These are confined spaces too, with windows that may or may not provide sufficient light and air. Crossflow as well as tunnel confined space ventilation fans are installed in barns.

  • Greenhouses/Grow Rooms: Commercial green houses are made of glass, and do not have a lot of natural air flow. In order to provide a healthy growing environment for the plants, and to prevent the formation of mold and mildew, proper ventilation systems need to be installed in these indoor spaces.

  • Industries: The applications of confined space ventilation fans extends to industries as well. Due to the nature of materials that are handled and transported inside industries and also due to the nature of the reactions that take place releasing toxic fumes and smoke, heavy duty ventilation systems need to be installed.

Purchasing Confined Space Ventilation Fans

These ventilation fans are available just as any other fans, with local retailers who deal with electrical products. Alternatively, there are a lot of websites you could check out that stock these items. After considerable research, you will be able to choose the confined space ventilation fans that suit your needs the best and then go ahead and place an order online.

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