Best Bathroom Ventilation Fans


Best Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are used for a variety of purposes in domestic as well as commercial spaces. Most often, these fans find use in bathrooms and kitchens where a lot of moisture and other substances tend to hang in the air. Proper circulation of fresh air and the constant removal of toxic substances is necessary to avoid harmful or hazardous breathing conditions indoors.

Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Some of the best bathroom ventilation fans are used in homes as well as in offices and other buildings. Let’s take a look at how ventilation fans are used in bathrooms.
  • Domestic Use: In homes, the bathroom is a place where a lot of heat and moisture tends to get trapped in the air. Due to the use of water, especially hot water, steam is formed that causes the air to be damp and stuffy. If not cleared up, it could lead to the formation of mold in the bathroom. Ventilation fans are of great use to clear these substances from the air.

  • Commercial Use: Bathrooms in schools, colleges, restaurants and gyms, all need to have proper ventilation fans installed. If not, it could lead to the collection of bad odor that is not very healthy. Also, common shower areas in gyms and other places require ventilation fans to remove moisture and heat.

Best Bathroom Ventilation Fans

In order to select the best bathroom ventilation fans for your home, you would need to keep a few factors in mind while making your selection.
  • Noise: The best bathroom ventilation fans make very little or no noise at all. It is no secret that noisy ventilation fans are a nuisance. Especially in bathrooms that tend to be very silent, the noise produced by the constant whirring of an exhaust fan can get on a person’s nerves. This also contributes to noise pollution. Ultra quiet or Noise free ventilation fans are available from many manufacturers these days. Of course, the less noise the fan makes, the more expensive it would be.

  • CFM: The CFM of air flow produced needs to be in accordance with the size of the room. If it is too low, sufficient ventilation would not reach all corners of the room. Moisture cannot be expelled successfully. Manufacturers usually list CFM information in catalogs of their ventilation fan products.

  • Light: Light fixtures are very popular with the best bathroom ventilation fans. A night light is a very handy thing to have that comes on automatically when the fan is switched on. This is useful in the night, and in bathrooms that have little natural light during the day. Such fans also add to the aesthetic value of the bathroom.

  • Automatic controls: Temperature and humidity sensors are installed in some of the best bathroom ventilation fans. These sensors detect a rise in the heat or humidity levels in the bathroom and once they go beyond a certain point, the exhaust fan would switch on automatically.
The best bathroom ventilation fans can be purchased from manufacturers like Woods, Penn, Panasonic, etc.

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