Ventilation Fans


Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is an important aspect in the construction of a house or a building. A provision for proper circulation of fresh air is required for several health and safety reasons. Fresh air can do a lot of good to us, and the lack of it can cause several diseases, not to mention and unhygienic environment. Apart from having big doors and windows in all the appropriate places, ventilation fans are a must in certain rooms of a building.

What are Ventilation Fans?

Ventilation or exhaust fans are devices that help in the circulation of air inside a room. In enclosed spaces with no other means of fresh air, these fans disperse moisture and prevent the formation of mildew. The use of a fan causes the interiors of a building to stay cooler in the summer and warm in the winter.

A ventilation fan is a must in rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, attics, etc. to keep them from smelling bad and also to keep mold and bacteria away.

Types of Ventilation Fans

Depending on the design, model, and nature of use, there are several types of ventilation fans. Some of the commonly used ones in homes and commercial spaces are:
  • In-Line Fans: These fans are incorporated into the air conditioning vents of the house. In houses where it is not conducive to install fans in the ceiling, they are placed within the ductwork. Air is sucked through the vents and pushed out of the house through the ductwork.

  • Wall/Ceiling Mounted Fans: If provisions have been made during construction for ventilation fans, these fans are what you would be installing. A fan is mounted to the wall or ceiling directly. Air is sucked out of the room and pushed through the ductwork in a similar manner.

  • Exterior Mounted Fans: These ventilation fans are installed outside the house, typically on the roof or on the side. The purpose of these fans is to suck air away from any particular part of the house. They are of great use in attics and crawlspaces to remove trapped moisture. They are also known as exterior remote fans.

  • Combination Fans: These could be either ceiling or wall mounted fans that are installed inside a house. These ventilation fans serve a dual purpose of recycling air and providing light. When the fan is switched on, it has a light on it that comes on automatically. These are typically used in bathrooms. Some models also include heater functionality along with the light.
While the general purpose of ventilation fans is to refresh the air and remove stale air indoors, special areas such as bathrooms and kitchens require more care. In bathrooms for instance, a lot of steam and humidity may be trapped when you take a hot shower. To prevent the room from remaining damp, an exhaust fan is needed. In the kitchen, a fan just above the stove can pull out smoke and other fumes from cooking. The quality of the air circulating inside a building will no doubt be greatly improved with the use of ventilation fans.

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