Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans


Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are needed to provide proper air flow and circulation in indoor spaces. Ventilation fans are mechanical devices that are designed to create flow in fluids such as air. In this case, such mechanical fans are used to keep the indoor air clean, and the temperature lower. Since it is not always possible to keep a room fresh by just natural ventilation, fans are needed to provide air circulation.

What are Industrial Ventilation Fans?

Ventilation fans are required in domestic, commercial as well as industrial spaces. The difference, however, is in the volume of ventilation required. Compared to the first two, industrial environments are in need of heavy duty ventilation. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the large scale handling of chemical substances takes place in industries. Be it storage, conveying or disposal, chemical materials release a lot of fumes that could be toxic and harmful for inhaling. To safely dispose of these toxic fumes, industrial ventilation fans are required.

Moreover, the reactions taking place in industries, and laboratory experiments also contaminate the air greatly. Smoke, fumes, odors, etc. are released into the air that need to be removed regularly. For all these, industrial ventilation systems need to be put in place.

Industrial Ventilation Roof Fans

As is obvious from the name, these industrial fans are installed on the roof. In general, industrial ventilation roof fans are installed at the very top of the structure, on the roof, for the purpose of ventilation and also for cooling. This is based on the general principle that hot air rises upwards automatically. When a ventilation fan is installed on the roof, it would aid in removing the hot air and expelling it outside, thereby maintaining the indoor temperature a few degrees cooler.

As far as ventilation is concerned, these fans are responsible for the removal of any excess moisture and contaminants that are present in the indoor atmosphere.

Types of Industrial Ventilation Roof Fans

The fans installed on the roof of industrial buildings may be of many types.
  • Axial Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans: These are industrial roof ventilation fans that have a parallel flow of air to the direction of the shaft. The blades of the fan rotate around a shaft, and this causes the air to be extracted in a parallel direction. The air blows along the axis of the fan in a linear manner. There are several applications for this type of a fan, ranging from cooling to use in wind tunnels.

  • Centrifugal Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans: These fans are designed in the opposite manner, the flow of air is perpendicular to the direction of the shaft around which the blades rotate. This type of industrial roof ventilation fan consists of a motor, an impeller, a disk, and a scroll-type housing. The impeller causes the perpendicular motion of the air. Climate control is one of the most important application for such fans.
Industrial roof ventilation fans are available from manufacturers of commercial and industrial fans. Many of these manufacturers have their own websites that provide information on all their products. They would be able to assist with ventilation solutions for industries.

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