Solar Roof Ventilation Fans


Solar Roof Ventilation Fans

Solar appliances are gaining popularity these days. With many people becoming aware of the importance of being environment-friendly, alternative forms of energy are being welcomed into households. As far as possible, solar energy is being used to run appliances and devices. It is possible to run ventilation fans on solar power, and many such products are available in the market today.

Solar Roof Ventilation Fans

Roof ventilation fans, as the name suggests, are fans used on the roof, or attic of the house. There are some advantages of having a ventilation fan installed on the roof. The first and foremost advantage is that it brings down the overall temperature of the house. This is based on the principle that hot air automatically rises upwards. When a fan is installed on the roof, in an attic, the hot air from the house is naturally sucked out by this fan, expelling it outside. Used in addition with air conditioners, roof ventilation fans help in keeping the house a few degrees cooler.

The second advantage of having a ventilation fan installed in the attic is to promote the circulation of fresh air in the attic. Due to the storage of several items in the attic, the presence of moisture in the air could lead to the formation of fungus. This is not a suitable breathing environment. Hence, roof ventilation fans are installed to keep the air inside attics fresh and clean. Solar roof ventilation fans run on energy derived from the sun’s rays. The functioning and effectiveness of the fan would not reduce in any way due to the fact that the source of energy is different.

Features of Solar Roof Ventilation Fans

Let’s take a look at a few of the features incorporated into solar ventilation roof fans.
  • Dual Operation: It is not possible to expect abundant sunshine everywhere and in all seasons. Even though solar cells trap energy from the sun’s rays and store it, this will not be sufficient for use all through the year. Hence, fans that operate on both solar power and electricity are available. This enables the use of the ventilation fan even when there is no sunshine available.

  • Temperature sensitivity: Solar ventilation roof fans are installed with devices that are sensitive to temperature as well as humidity. So when the temperature and humidity in the attic or in the house rise beyond a certain level, the fan starts up automatically. This is a very useful feature to have in ventilation fans.

  • Variable Speed: Some fans come with a feature of adjustable or variable speeds. Hence, the volume of ventilation can be customized as desired. When there is excess heat or moisture the fan can operate on high speeds and when the levels are low, lower speeds may be used. This helps in the conservation of power.

Purchasing Solar Roof Ventilation Fans

These fans may be purchased locally from retail outlets. They can also be purchased online from retail websites or manufacturer websites directly. A thorough research of all the available products is a must, before making a purchase.

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