Ductless Ventilation Fans


Ductless Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans of many types are used in different indoor settings. In commercial buildings as well as domestic ones, the use of ventilation fans differs based on the type of room, the size of the room, the quality of air and many other factors. Fans are basically mechanical means of ventilation, used to provide air circulation when natural forms of ventilation are absent.

Types of Ventilation Fans.

Ventilation fans can be classified into different types based on a number of factors: style, model, designing, installation, functioning, etc. Based on the mode of installation a broad division of fans can be made as ventilation fans with and without ducts.

Ventilation fans are installed with ducts as a part of a ventilation system that is centralized or continuous. In whole house ventilation, the fans are installed in the ceiling with a set of ducts to provide for the passage of air. Vents are used to suck in stale air and blow out fresh air. This is one type of ventilation system.

Ductless ventilation fans are generally stand-alone units that only provide ventilation for a single room. These are generally installed on the roof or on an exterior wall. Bathroom, kitchen, attic and basement ventilation fans are all examples.

Uses of Ductless Ventilation Fans

Let’s take a look at some of the applications of ductless ventilation fans around the household.
  • Bathrooms: In bathrooms that are directly below the roof on beside an exterior wall, ductless ventilation fans can be installed. A hole the size of the fan is made in the wall and the fan is fitted in it. The moisture and other toxins that are present in the air are sucked through the rotating blades of the fan and expelled directly into the atmosphere outdoors.

  • Kitchens: In kitchens, a lot of dust, grease, fumes and odors tend to accumulate during cooking. Almost all modern kitchens come installed with hood fans directly above a stove top. However, these fans are attached to ducts through which air flows. In addition to these, ductless ventilation fans are installed on the wall to provide additional ventilation in the room. This helps in better ventilation in the kitchen.

  • Attics: Attics are storage rooms situated right under the roof. Ductless ventilation fans are installed on the roof, and help clearing the air in the attic as well as reducing the overall temperature in the house. Attics are filled with items in storage that are not moved for long periods of time. The moisture in this room needs to be cleared out and fresh air needs to be brought in, which is done by roof ventilation fans.

  • Garages: A variety of items may be stored in garages as well. Also, when the engine of the car is running, smoke that is released remains in the air. This air needs to be purified and the contaminants expelled. Ductless ventilation fans are installed in the wall that easily sucks out stale air, replacing it with fresh air.
Ductless ventilation fans may be purchased locally or from the internet.

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