Bathroom Wall Ventilation Fans


Bathroom Wall Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans in bathrooms are a must these days. It is quite impossible to find bathrooms where ventilation fans have not been installed. Not just bathrooms, but other rooms in the house such as kitchens, attics and basements require ventilation fans too.

Ventilation fans are a means of providing ventilation mechanically, in places where it is not possible for air to circulate naturally. Most bathrooms have very small windows or no windows at all. Moreover, a lot of moisture is accumulated in a bathroom, from the constant use of water. When hot water is used, the steam generated adds more to the dampness of the air. If this is ignored, the moisture could lead to the formation of mold and fungus.

Bathroom ventilation fans are also required to expel any harmful indoor gases, fumes from chemical substances like cleaning products and strong odors. Fans are specially designed for use in bathrooms, both large and small. Ventilation fans for bathrooms may be installed on the ceiling or may be wall mounted.

What are Bathroom Wall Ventilation Fans?

Wall ventilation fans consist of a set of blades. When powered, the blades rotate creating suction. The suction is responsible for extracting stale air from the room and expelling it outside. Some of the salient features of bathroom wall ventilation fans are as follows:
  • Axial Ventilation: Wall fans are designed in such a way that the air that is extracted moves in a direction parallel to the rotation of the blades. The blades of the fan rotate around a shaft to which the air flows in a parallel manner. This system of ventilation is well suited for domestic environments and small rooms. A high volume of ventilation is produced using optimum levels of power.

  • Air Flow: The air flow created by bathroom wall ventilation fans is measured in CFM. The CFM produced is an important factor in selecting the right fan in correspondence with the bathroom. According to the size and the ventilation requirements of the room, the CFM of the fan needs to be determined.

  • Installation: Simple wall ventilation fans in bathrooms are easily to install. A provision is usually made in the wall during construction for the fitting of the fan. If not, a hole the size of the fan needs to be carved into the wall and the fan frame is installed in the gap. Most bathroom wall ventilation fans can be installed with little or no professional help.

  • Light: Bathroom ventilation fans that are fitted with light fixtures are available and quite popular. In bathrooms where there is little or no light during the day, switching on an exhaust fan that also has a light is beneficial. Night lights are also pretty handy when installed with ventilation fans.
Several manufacturers have come up with some lovely and elegant designs of wall mounted bathroom ventilation fans. Most of these brands have their own websites with catalogs containing product pictures and information. You can use this information to select the model which suits your needs the best and place an order online.o

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