Industrial Ventilation Fans


Industrial Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans find use in a variety of indoor environments, such as homes, commercial spaces and also industry. Needless to say, the type of activities carried out in each of these environments is different, hence producing a different air quality. The ventilation fans required to circulate air in each of these spaces will differ in their features, specifications and design.

What are Industrial Ventilation Fans?

Industrial settings could involve any number of activities, like the handling of chemicals, mixing of products and chemical reactions, laboratory work, furnaces that produce heat, smoke and fumes, etc. This type of an environment would require heavy duty ventilation. Industry ventilation fans are designed so that they are able to provide ventilation to the scale that is required by industrial activities.

Types of Industrial Ventilation Fans

Depending on the nature of activity taking place, the type of industrial ventilation fan would vary. Two different types of ventilation systems may be used:
  • Centrifugal Ventilation: This type of ventilation gets its name from the method in which air is extracted and released. Centrifugal ventilation fans are designed to suck air in at a ninety degrees to the direction of air intake of the fan. The air is spun in an outward direction to the outlet, with the use of centrifugal force and deflection. Due to the rotation of the impeller, air enters the fan near the shaft and moves in a perpendicular manner from the shaft to the fan.

  • Axial Ventilation: As opposed to the centrifugal system, an axial industrial ventilation fan is designed to extract air and move it in a direction that is parallel to the shaft around which the blades rotate. Axial wall fans are common in domestic settings, but are also used in some industrial environments. This system of ventilation is ideal for small rooms. However, heavy duty wall, roof and inline industrial ventilation fans that are axial are put to use for high volume ventilation.

    Other than the type of ventilation technology used, industrial ventilation fans also vary in the model and design.

  • General Exhaust: For the purpose of general ventilation in industries, in areas such as stairwell pressurization, commercial kitchen applications, etc. general utility vent sets are designed and manufactured.

  • Free Standing/Portable Fans: These fans are able to withstand a lot of heavy duty ventilation and can be placed around the industrial setting, according to need. These high capacity blowers are able to withstand the daily rigors of an industrial environment such as extremes of temperature and corrosion.

  • Material Handling Fans: These industrial ventilation fans are designed as radial wheel blowers meant for high pressure applications like material conveying and dust collection.

  • Wall Mounted Fans: These fans are designed for use in places where the supply of large volumes of air is required. Some examples of these places include warehouses, factories and parking garages.
Industrial ventilation fans need to be purchased with a lot of care and planning. This is usually done with the help of engineers and representatives from the manufacturers of ventilation fans.

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