Shower Ventilation Fans


Shower Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is an important aspect of homes and other buildings. There are several reasons for the maintenance of a good ventilation system in indoor environments. For most rooms, large windows provide sufficient air circulation and ventilation. However, for rooms where the air is hotter, moist and filled with smoke or other substances, windows do not serve the purpose. Mechanical systems of ventilation are required to remove stale and dirty air.

Ventilation fans are the most common form of ventilation adopted. These fans may be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, attics and other spaces where windows are not able to provide proper ventilation.

What are Shower Ventilation Fans?

There are quite a few reasons for the installation of ventilation fans in bathrooms and toilets. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.
  • During hot showers, a lot of steam is generated that makes the air in a bathroom or shower area very moist and humid. This reduces the levels of oxygen in the room and makes breathing difficult. Moreover, if moisture remains trapped in a closed room for a long time, it could result in the formation of mildew, which is not hygienic. Hence, shower ventilation fans need to be installed near the showering area to remove moisture and also heat from the room.

  • The use of chemical products for the skin and hair is very common. Bathroom cleaning products also contain chemicals that let out toxic fumes. Having these chemicals and other toxins trapped in the air is not advisable. Bathroom ventilation fans are able to suck out these substances.

  • The bathroom is a place where unwanted smells and odors can get accumulated quite easily. These cannot be released unless proper circulation of air takes place. Ventilation fans are then, quite necessary in removing these bad odors.
In large bathrooms, there may be separate exhaust fans installed for the shower area and for the general bathroom area. Fans that are exclusively allocated for the shower area are shower ventilation fans. These may be smaller in size in order to just cover air circulation for the shower.

Shower ventilation fans may be wall mounted or ceiling mounted, depending on the availability of an exterior wall and ease of installation.

Uses of Shower Ventilation Fans

Shower ventilation fans can be used at home and in commercial spaces. In many homes, large bathrooms are constructed with separate shower areas. These showers have sliding glass or fiber doors for privacy. In such showers, the main exhaust fan of the bathroom cannot be effective in removing heat or moisture. Shower ventilation fans need to be installed in these enclosed spaces that otherwise have no means of air circulation.

In commercial spaces like gyms, or in schools and colleges, shower rooms are provided. These rooms have a series of cubicles for people to be able to shower with privacy. Such areas require proper shower ventilation fans to be installed to remove heat and moisture and keep the air inside cool and dry. Government health quotes require the installation of a minimum number of fans in shower and other spaces.

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