Mine Ventilation Fans


Mine Ventilation Fans

There are a number of uses for ventilation fans in all types if indoor spaces. In places where natural ventilation is not sufficient to bring in fresh and clean air, it is a must to use mechanical fan. The consequences of improper ventilation could be quite devastating; the environment rendered hazardous and unfit for human habitation. It is important that the air we breathe be clean and free from contaminating substances.

What are Mine Ventilation Fans?

Mining is a type of activity that is carried out many hundreds of feet underground. The natural flow and circulation of fresh, clean air is impossible to conceive of in such places. Miners happen to work in these areas round the clock. It is imperative for mining companies to provide proper ventilation systems in mines for the safety of their workers. Mine ventilation fans are installed along with other equipment in order to ensure that proper ventilation takes place underground at all times.

Mining involves the use of heavy machinery to break down rock and ores. Rock mining involves looking for minerals and precious stones and metals underground, through explosive materials that break down the rock. These explosions are carried out by machines that are run on diesel power. As a byproduct of the mining, harmful gases such as Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, and many others are released into the air. These are highly toxic in nature and totally unfit for breathing in by humans.

Mine ventilation fans and systems are designed in such a way that air circulation removes all these harmful substances, providing cool and fresh air, even in inaccessible nooks and corners. Mine ventilation fans are run on electricity, which takes up a major part of the cost involved in setting up these systems.

Types of Mine Ventilation Fans

Depending on the size of the mine, nature of substances and air inside, the atmosphere and temperature outside, etc. the right type of mine ventilation system needs to be decided upon. Any mine ventilation system would surround its functioning on three main activities: the entering of air, the distribution of air, and the continuous flow of air. Let’s take a look at a couple of types of this ventilation.
  • Flow-through Mine Ventilation: Flow-through ventilation is considered to be the main system creating and providing the circulation of fresh air. Fresh air from outside the mine is allowed to enter through shafts. An adit or a ventilation raise are sometimes used in place of shafts to allow air to enter. The distribution of air takes place through internal ramps and ventilation raises. Mine ventilation fans promote the flow of air throughout the entire area. These fans are mounted permanently.

  • Auxiliary Mine Ventilation: In this system, the mine ventilation fans are mounted temporarily. The air that is already circulating in the flow-through system is taken and distributed to working areas that are less accessible. The installation of ducts makes the transportation of air easier.
Mine ventilation fans need to be coupled with heating systems in places that are too cold, and in winter months.

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