Ventilation Fans Bathroom


Ventilation Fans Bathroom

Several rooms in modern houses require the use of ventilation fans. Poor air circulation due to small windows and high amounts of chemicals and moisture in the air make the use of exhaust fans mandatory. The bathroom is one such room where fans need to be installed. Ventilation fans in the bathroom have been used for a long time now and are available in many different styles and models.

Ventilation Fans for the Bathroom

There are quite a few reasons why bathrooms require the use of ventilation fans. Some of the major reasons are:
  • Moisture: A bathroom always has a moisture laden atmosphere, owing to the high usage of water. During showers and other cleansing activities, especially with the use of hot water, moisture gets trapped in the air quite easily. This moisture needs to be removed from the bathroom to avoid the formation of mildew or fungus.

  • Chemicals: A lot of chemical substances are released into the air from the use of beauty products and cleaning materials in the bathroom. These substances are present in the air in the form of toxins that create a harmful breathing environment. Ventilation fans in the bathroom suck out such toxins along with stale air and expel them outdoors.

  • Heat: Hot water is commonly used in a bathroom, producing steam. This steam causes the environment inside the bathroom to become quite hot and stuffy. This could be quite suffocating, causing shortness of breath and other health disorders. Heat is sucked out of the room along with old air by ventilation fans and cool air is pushed in. The overall temperature of bathrooms reduces with the use of exhaust fans.
These are a few reasons why the installation of ventilation fans in bathroom is very important.

Types of Ventilation Fans for the Bathroom

Depending on the size, model and shape, many types of ventilation fans are available for use in the bathroom. A bathroom ventilation fan may be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. When a bathroom is positioned in such a way that it has an exterior wall, a provision can be made for wall mounted fans. The positioning of the fan is important in order to provide ventilation for the maximum part of the room.

Fans for ventilation can be installed in the ceiling as well. A vent provision needs to be made to install the fan, with the air flowing through ducts, expelling it outside through the roof of the house. This type of installation makes use of the fact that hot air rises upwards naturally, and hence it is easy to suck it out from above.

Ventilation fans in bathrooms with light provisions are available. The light may have a separate switch or may also come on when the fan is switched on. Fans in many designs, styles and colors are available that provide aesthetic beauty to the bathroom. Online, many websites provide catalogs of ventilation fans for bathrooms that you could take a look at before you choose the model that suits your bathroom the best. You could also purchase these fans from local stores.

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