Tunnel Ventilation Fans


Tunnel Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are used to provide mechanical ventilation in indoor space. It is no longer possible to rely on natural means of air circulation and the use of fans has become a must to achieve optimum air flow. Ventilation fans are of different types, sizes, models, designs, etc. depending on their purpose and the principle on which they function.

What are Tunnel Ventilation Fans?

Tunnel ventilation is a system of providing air circulation. It differs from typical cross-flow ventilation in terms of the way in which air is moved across the indoor space. In a space that is installed with tunnel ventilation, the same volume of air that would otherwise move across from one side to another, moves across the length of the room from one end to another.

Tunnel ventilation fans are used to achieve this type of ventilation. One fan meant for exhaust is installed on one end of the structure, while another fan meant for the inlet of fresh air is installed on the other end. The advantage of this is that a high velocity of air is created, this providing good circulation of air.

The most common use of tunnel ventilation fans is in barns, where animals are housed, fed and cleaned.

Advantages of Tunnel Ventilation Fans

The advantages of using tunnel ventilation systems are many. Let’s take a look at a few of these advantages.
  • As mentioned earlier, the velocity of the air flow in tunnel ventilation from one end of the barn to the other is quite high. Due to this, the speed of air flowing over the animals is increased and is two to four times higher than that achieved through cross-flow ventilation. This helps in keeping the animals healthier and providing them a good breathing environment.

  • A wind chill effect is created as a result of the use of tunnel ventilation fans. This effect causes convection, which in turn results in the cooling of the animals. The overall body temperature of the animal goes down, in a beneficial manner.

  • Especially in hot weather, the use of tunnel ventilation ensures that animals are kept cool, with reduced levels of heat related stress. Animals are more comfortable, and hence, more productive.

Installing Tunnel Ventilation Fans

The decision to go in for tunnel ventilation depends on a number of factors that need to be closely considered. Of course, ventilation is of paramount importance in barns to keep animals healthy and comfortable. The levels of moisture in barns is high, along with the presence of pathogens, manure gases, dust, and other materials. In poorly ventilated structures, these materials never leave the area and cause several hazards.

Apart from natural ventilation, mechanical means of air flow is also necessary. Tunnel ventilation is an excellent means of providing this. By installing tunnel ventilation fans, air flow and cooling during the summer time is effectively taken care of.

Just as any other system, tunnel ventilation too has its own limitations. Due to the considerable lowering of temperature with the use of this system, it is not the best solution for ventilation during cold seasons. It could result in freezing, if not used properly. Hence, with the correct research and understanding, tunnel ventilation fans may be installed in barns.

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