Ventilation Fans for Kitchens


Ventilation Fans for Kitchens

Ventilation is necessary to keep the flow of fresh air happening in indoor environments. When there is a space enclosed by four walls, the air inside tends to stagnate and then causes health hazards to the people living inside. To avoid this, windows were added as a means of natural ventilation, go get fresh air flowing into the room. However, there are indoor spaces where windows are not sufficient, given the amount of contaminants present in the air. The kitchen is one such space.

Ventilation Fans for Kitchens

When natural means of ventilation are not sufficient, mechanical methods need to be employed. Ventilation fans for kitchens are a means of providing artificial or mechanical ventilation. There are several reasons for the use of ventilation fans in kitchens. The most important is the quality of air inside the room. Due to cooking activities, strong odors, greasy fumes and smoke are released into the atmosphere. These should be expelled and not breathed in for long periods of time. Merely opening windows will not allow these materials to flow outside. A suction needs to be created to pull out stale air and push in fresh air.

Simple ventilation fans for kitchens are units that consist of a set of blades, creating suction when they rotate. Through suction, the blades are able to extract stale air and push it out of the house. Of course, many complicated and sophisticated forms of ventilation have been invented for kitchens in modern times.

Types of Ventilation Fans for Kitchens

  • Wall Fans: Wall mounted ventilation fans are installed on an exterior wall, on a hole that has been made to the size of the fan. This type of fan is easy to install and provides general ventilation around the room. These fans may be axial or centrifugal in their functioning.

  • Ceiling Fans: Ventilation fans installed on the ceiling make use of ducts and vents for air circulation. The fan sucks out stale air and blows in fresh air through the vent in the ceiling, and the air flows through ducts that are connected to an external outlet. This outlet releases the contaminated air outside.

  • Hood Fans: These ventilation fans for kitchens are very popular as an aesthetic addition apart from providing ventilation. They are installed directly above the stove top and suck out fumes, odors and grease as and when they are released. These fans consist of filters that purify the air and release the clean air back into the room. The filters need to be cleaned and also replaced from time to time.

  • Commercial Kitchen Fans: Commercial kitchens like those in restaurants, colleges, schools, etc. require heavy duty ventilation. This is owing to the fact that large scale cooking activities would result in larger amounts of contaminants in the air. Hood fans or continuous ventilation systems that are large and capable of providing heavy duty ventilation are installed.
Ventilation fans for kitchens can be purchased online, directly from manufacturers or also from retailer websites. These websites provide e-catalogs and a lot more information on products that can be referred to before making a decision.

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