Roof Ventilation Fans


Roof Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is an important part of any building. A house that is not well ventilated can be identified quite easily. Once you enter such a house, the air inside will seem very stuffy. Breathing will seem harder and the temperature indoors will also seem to be higher. With proper ventilation systems in place, these issues can be easily avoided.

What are Roof Ventilation Fans?

Ventilation may be provided through natural as well as mechanical methods. Natural ventilation is provided by large windows and doors that cause a cross flow of air and cool the room effectively. In places where natural ventilation is not feasible mechanical means need to be used, mainly in the form of ventilation fans.

Ventilation fans may be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, attic or garage. For attics – the highest room in the house – ventilation fans may be installed directly under on the roof. Even otherwise, roof ventilation fans may be installed to keep the general temperature of the house lower.

Types of Roof Ventilation Fans

Depending on the mode of installation, roof ventilation fans may be of two types.
  • Inlet Model: This type of roof ventilation fan in installed in such a way that it allows air to enter the attic or whatever room is situated just below the roof. The basic function of such a fan is to allow fresh air to enter the room. These fans are installed at the eaves in the roof, allowing for the entry and circulation of fresh air.

  • Outlet Model: The purpose of using this type of fan is to remove stale air. The suction created by the fan pulls out air that is old, hot and polluted, and expels it into the atmosphere outside. The outlet fan is installed at the ridge line in the roof. Both these models of fans can be installed in the roof for the best and most effective ventilation system.

Advantages of Roof Ventilation Fans

The advantages of installing roof ventilation fans are many. The most important advantage, of course, is the lowering of the temperature indoors. Especially in hotter months, roof ventilation fans are very effective in expelling hot air, thus keeping the indoor environment cool. In some places, roof ventilation systems can successfully replace air conditioners.

The second advantage is a clean and healthy living atmosphere. Due to several activities that take place inside a house and the items that are stored indoors, a lot of moisture and other toxic substances are present in the air. These substances need to be removed to maintain a healthy home. Roof ventilation fans are able to take out dirty air from the house and replace it with cool, fresh and clean air.

Purchasing Roof Ventilation Fans

These fans can be purchased from any local store that sells electric equipment. The sales people would be able to assist you with purchasing the right type of fan for your home. You need to take into account the size of the space that needs ventilation and purchase a fan of the appropriate size. You could purchase roof ventilation fans on the internet as well.

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