Panasonic Bathroom Ventilation Fans


Panasonic Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are used for several reasons in different rooms of the house. The most basic reason for the use of ventilation fans is to ensure the circulation of fresh air, thus maintaining a healthy environment. Rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, attic and garage do not receive natural air circulation and hence require mechanical means like ventilation fans.

Bathroom Ventilation Fans

There are a few reasons for the use of bathroom ventilation fans. Moisture is present in the air in bathrooms, in larger quantities than required. This is due to the constant use of water. The use of hot water produces steam that is present in the bathroom too. Toxic fumes from the use of chemical products hang on to the air as well. All these cause the contamination of air in the bathroom that could lead to health hazards.

The use of bathroom ventilation fans helps to expel warm or hot air containing moisture and toxins. It also helps to replace the indoor environment with cool and fresh air.

About Panasonic Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Many leading companies and brands are involved with the design and manufacture of bathroom ventilation systems. Panasonic is one such big brand that makes exhaust fans for the bathroom. Panasonic ventilation fans are available in different models, following different systems of ventilation, to provide the optimum level of air flow.

The two types of Panasonic Bathroom Ventilation Fans available are:
  • Intermittent Ventilation: This type of ventilation system is useful for individual rooms, such as the bathroom. It is also known as spot ventilation or local ventilation. This Panasonic bathroom ventilation fan is useful to ventilate moisture, bad odors, and other contaminants that are commonly found in bathrooms.

  • Inline Ventilation: Inline Panasonic bathroom ventilation fans are remote mounted, as opposed to standard ones that are mounted on the ceiling. Single or multiple exhaust inlets can be attached from the branch duct. Inline fans could produce both intermittent as well as continuous ventilation.

  • More Information on Panasonic Bathroom Ventilation Fans

    Panasonic recognizes that there is more lurking in your bathroom than meets the eye. Airborne pollutants, moisture that causes mold, etc. can invade a bathroom that has not been ventilated properly. The damages are not only to the structure of the bathroom but also to the health of people using it. A special range of Panasonic bathroom ventilation fans have been designed to combat all these issues and more. The official website is the best place to get information on Panasonic bathroom ventilation fans. They have an excellent product selector system that not only allows you to choose the best product possible, but also gives you explanations and descriptions at each and every step.

    First off, you would be required to choose between the different types of ventilation systems, continuous, intermittent and inline. Once you have made your choice, you will have to provide information about the bathroom. The size, ceiling height, type of ducts available, etc. After providing this information, calculations are made and a list of most suitable Panasonic bathroom ventilation fans are provided for you to choose from.

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