Greenhouse Ventilation Fans


Greenhouse Ventilation Fans

A greenhouse is a type of building or structure where plants are grown. Greenhouses could be of varying sizes, ranging from that of a small shed to a large building. Mostly, greenhouses are glass structures, the material from which the walls as well as the roof are made. This is an enclosed space with a huge abundance of plants, and hence there may be insufficient circulation of fresh air naturally. In order to make sure air circulation takes place properly, greenhouse ventilation fans and other systems are required.

What are Greenhouse Ventilation Fans?

As the name suggests, greenhouse ventilation fans are used for the purpose of providing ventilation in greenhouses. In fact, the fan is only a part of the entire ventilation system of the greenhouse. Apart from the fan, the other components include intake shutters, thermostat, etc.

The purpose of using greenhouse ventilation fans is to maintain a proper flow of air between the front and back of the greenhouse. The advantage is not only the circulation of fresh air, but also the regulation of temperature within the structure. Indirectly, this results in the maintenance of healthier plants.

Selecting and Installing Greenhouse Ventilation Fans

Let’s take a look at some of the things to keep in mind and some factors to consider while selecting and installing greenhouse ventilation systems.
  • CFM: The correct size of the ventilation system needs to be selected depending upon the cubic foot per minute (CFM) of air flow. Depending on the greenhouse size and other parameters, manufacturers recommend the CFM that you need to be looking at. You can go by these recommendations and select the right ventilation fan.

  • Installation: A ventilation package needs to be installed in the proper manner in a greenhouse. The correct procedure to follow is to install the greenhouse ventilation fan on the back wall of the structure, as high as possible. The intake shutters are installed on the opposite wall, low down.

  • Thermostat: This device allows the temperature to be monitored. The ventilation system will begin to work as soon as the temperature rises beyond a certain level. Motorized intake shutters and fans have to be wired to the thermostat, so that they would switch on simultaneously. The exact degree of temperature can be set on the thermostat and then the temperature will be monitored and regulated.

  • Humidistat: These devices work similar to thermostats, except that they monitor the humidity or moisture in the air, maintaining it at a constant level.

Alternative Greenhouse Ventilation Fans

If the supply of electricity is absent or not constant in the place where you have your greenhouse, alternate methods of power may be used. The most common alternative technology is solar power. Solar greenhouse ventilation fans are used in areas where sunlight is abundant. The energy from the sun’s rays is stored in solar cells and this energy is used to operate the greenhouse ventilation system. You could take a look at several models of greenhouse ventilation fans from different manufacturers and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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