Best Ventilation Fans


Best Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are required in any indoor space where the air is not circulated through natural means of ventilation and where the air tends to be laden with extra moisture, fumes or chemical substances. Ventilation fans are a means of mechanical ventilation and are used in domestic as well as commercial spaces.

The best ventilation fans can be chosen depending on your requirements and also the manufacturer of the product.

Best Ventilation Fans for Homes

In homes, ventilation fans are used in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, attic and basement. In the bathroom, fans are required to remove moisture, heat and toxic substances that are present in the air. In kitchens, the fumes and strong odors produced by cooking need to be expelled. In spaces like attics, garages and basements, there is very little chance of natural air and sunlight. The moisture present may cause the formation of mold on things that have not been moved for a very long time. Ventilation fans are again required to remove this moisture laden air and replace it with fresh air.

The best ventilation fans can be selected for your home, by keeping a few factors in mind. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.
  • Size: The size of the room and that of the fan need to match each other. If the fan is too small for the room, it would not be able to provide sufficient ventilation. Hence, the best ventilation fans are selected keeping in mind the nature and the dimensions of the room.

  • Air Flow: The CFM of air flow produced by the fan is of importance. Big brands and manufacturers have ventilation fans that operate in different ranges of CFM. Based on the requirement of ventilation in the room, the right fan with the appropriate CFM needs to be selected.

  • Noise: The best ventilation fans make very little or no noise. The noise produced by fans is measured in Sones. Manufacturers make fans that produce varying levels of noise. The lower the noise produced by a fan, the more expensive it is bound to be. A fan producing tolerable levels of noise is generally affordable.

  • Additional Features: The best ventilation fans come with some great additional features. Light fixtures installed into bathroom ventilation fans, for instance. This is a very useful feature to have in the bathroom. The light could be a regular one or a night light. Varying speed levels and automatic temperature sensitive functioning are some of the other features.

  • Design: The best ventilation fans not only perform well, but also look good. There are some really pleasing and beautiful designs of fans available in the market today.

Best Ventilation Fans for Commercial Use

Commercial and other spaces such as malls, stores, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, and industries require the use of ventilation fans. Depending on the nature of the indoor environment and the activities carried out, the best ventilation fans are selected. For commercial use, manufacturers of ventilation fans send down a representative to take a look at the space and make suggestions for the selection of the best ventilation fans.

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