Penn Ventilation Exhaust Fans


Penn Ventilation Exhaust Fans

It is impossible to envision indoor commercial and domestic spaces without proper ventilation systems these days. Without mechanical means of ventilation, stuffy spaces can pose a great health hazard. It is common practice to install ventilation exhaust fans in homes and other places to get rid of moisture, fumes, smoke and toxins along with stale air. Different types of ventilation fans are available, from many manufacturers across the world.

What are Penn Ventilation Exhaust Fans?

PennBarry is one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation exhaust fans. The Penn range of ventilation systems are known for high standards of quality and functioning, along with pleasing designs. Penn ventilation exhaust fans are more suited for commercial or industrial purposes, as opposed to domestic use. PennBarry manufactures ventilation fans for industries, commercial spaces, energy saving systems, commercial kitchens, etc. Depending on the requirement, you could select the range of exhaust fans that suits the need of your space the best.

Penn Ventilation Exhaust Fan Models

Fans that have several functionalities and are built with special features, form a part of the Penn range of ventilation systems. Some of the models that are available with Penn ventilation exhaust fans are:
  • General Ventilation Fans: Fans used for the general ventilation of commercial spaces from Penn are either centrifugal or axial. Different models are available that can be mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall. Specialty products are also manufactured, such as roof mounted gravity ventilation. Gravity ventilators are made with a special technology, also for the use of general ventilation of offices, schools or universities, farms, factories, etc.

  • Kitchen Ventilation: For the purpose of ventilation of commercial kitchens, a special range of Penn ventilation exhaust fans have been developed. The types of fans in this range include kitchen hoods, make-up air fans, exhaust fans and heavy duty exhaust blowers. These fans are designed in such a way that they are aesthetically pleasing in addition to providing great ventilation to kitchen spaces.

  • Other Products: Apart from general and kitchen purposes, Penn ventilation exhaust fans for industrial use are very popular. These systems are suited for heavy duty activities that take place in industries such as the handling of chemical materials and toxic substances on a large scale. These fans are designed to expel a large amount of gases, moisture and other materials from industrial environments. Energy saving fans are available from Penn that serve the purpose of ventilation while cutting down on the amount of energy required to run the system.

Buying Penn Ventilation Exhaust Fans

Penn is quite a popular brand for ventilation fans. Reviews of ventilation products released by PennBarry are regularly published in magazines and on websites. A simple search could help you find the reviews that you need to read to understand the performance and functioning of Penn ventilation exhaust fans. Once you get a good understanding of their range of products, you can go about placing an order.

Information on the PennBarry website allows you to find a local representative to come to your space and help you with the purchasing process.

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