Window Ventilation Fans


Window Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is an important aspect of constructing a building. Be it in homes or commercial spaces, a system needs to be put in place to remove hot, stale air and replace it with fresh air. There are several reasons for a proper ventilation system to be installed in homes; the most important one is to maintain proper sanitary and health conditions indoors.

What are Window Ventilation Fans?

Different types of ventilation fans and other devices can be used to ensure proper air circulation in indoor spaces. While some types of ventilation can be quite expensive, window ventilation fans are considered to be lighter on the pocket.

Window ventilation fans, as the name suggests, are installed in windows of any shape and size. They are quite easy to install and maintain. In some regions, these fans can even replace air conditioners as a cheaper alternative.

How do Window Ventilation Fans Work?

The biggest advantage of using a ventilation fan over an air conditioner is that it allows fresh air to come into the room, as opposed to the stale air from air conditioners. Since a window can be kept open at all times, it is possible to enjoy cool air that is also fresh, with the use of window ventilation fans. Let’s take a look at how these fans work.
  • These exhaust or ventilation fans are powered by either electricity or solar power. A simple switch can be used to power on and power off the fan. Sometimes, fans installed with temperature sensitive thermostats are used. These fans are automatically switched on when the temperature within the room rises to a certain level.

  • When the blades of the fan rotate, they create suction that automatically draws hot, moist and stale air from the room. This air is expelled outdoors and fresh air is allowed to pass into the room.

  • Depending on the size of the window and the size of the room, appropriate window ventilation fans need to be selected. If the fan is too small, the suction created may not be sufficient to cover the entire area.

  • The fan is installed to a window on an exterior wall. In some houses, a provision for a ventilation fan is made just above the window, on the wall. This is much better for aesthetics. When attached to a power source, the fan can be used with ease.

Uses of Window Ventilation Fans

Ventilation or exhaust fans attached to a window can be used in literally any room. For instance, in a kitchen, such a fan can be used to remove strong odors, fumes and smoke that arise during cooking. Similarly in a bathroom or attic, window ventilation fans remove moist air, preventing the formation of mold or mildew. Some fans come with a light installed. In bathrooms, these fans can be used for the dual purpose of ventilation as well as night lighting.

As useful as they are, it is important to understand that window ventilation fans are not suited for all conditions. For instance, if an area is too polluted, contaminated air may enter the room instead of fresh air.

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