Underground Ventilation Fans


Underground Ventilation Fans

Underground ventilation is required in activities and work that take place under the ground. The most common type of work or occupation that takes place under the ground is mining. Underground hard rock mining refers to the different techniques of mining that are used for the excavation of hard minerals, containing metals and precious gems.

The activity underground hardrock mining is carried out with the help of machinery that break rocks situated in mines. These machines are mostly run on diesel and use explosives to break rocks. Due to this procedure, several poisonous gases are released into the atmosphere, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. In order to clear these toxic fumes and more, underground ventilation fans are of utmost importance

Underground Ventilation Fan

Several types of underground ventilation systems are installed in mining areas, depending on several factors. Some of the reasons for the need of underground ventilation fans are:
  • As mentioned earlier, the poisonous and toxic gases that are released as a result of mining operations need to be expelled from the atmosphere, to make it fit for miners to continue with their work.

  • High levels of moisture present in underground mines, could lead to the formation of mold and other types of fungus. This could trigger allergic reactions and cause respiratory troubles for people who work in such conditions for long.

  • Depending on the season, geographical location, and conditions outside, mines may require heating or cooling. If excessive heat is trapped inside a mine, underground ventilation fans are needed to keep the environment cool. Excess heat inside mines could be a result of virgin rock temperature, the use of machinery, fissure water, body heat, blasting, etc. Heating systems may be required when the air inside the mines are too cold to work in.

Types of Underground Ventilation Fans

The type of underground ventilation fans used in a mining environment would depend on the size and conditions underground, the outside temperature and weather conditions, etc. Depending on these factors and more, the right kind of ventilation systems must be chosen. Some of the choices of underground ventilation fans available are:
  • Flow-through Underground Ventilation: Three aspects are involved in the provision of flow-through underground ventilation fans. The introduction of fresh air into underground mines, the proper distribution of this air, and the flow or circulation of the air. This system is generally the main form of ventilation provided in most mines. Shafts are used to introduce fresh air into the mine. Internal ramps and ventilation raises help in the distribution of air. Underground ventilation fans help in providing the sufficient volume of air flow.

  • Auxiliary Underground Ventilation: This is not a primary means of ventilation, since the underground ventilation fans are not installed permanently. The air from the flow-through system is taken and distributed to those areas of the underground mine that are otherwise not easily accessible.
A combination of these two systems of ventilation is the best possible option for mines.

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