Exhaust Ventilation Fans


Exhaust Ventilation Fans

In homes, buildings and other enclosed spaces, windows are not always successful in bringing in fresh air. Especially in cramped up spaces like small apartments, ventilation is a big problem. Certain rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, garage or attic require special arrangements for ventilation.

What are Exhaust Ventilation Fans?

Mechanical means of ventilation is required in spaces where large windows and the natural flow of air are absent. Exhaust ventilation fans are one such mechanical ventilation means. The blades of the fan rotate in order to create suction. The suction pulls away moisture, smoke, fumes and other substances from hot air indoors and expels it outdoors. Cool air then replaces the indoor environment.

Exhaust ventilation fans are a must-have in all types of buildings.

Types of Exhaust Ventilation Fans

There are several types of fans available for ventilation.
  • Kitchen Ventilation Fans: For a kitchen, a regular window or wall ventilation fan may be used. Fan hoods that are placed directly above a stove top to remove smoke, fumes, odors and grease are also used. Some fans have blades that remove stale air, while other types of exhaust fans have filters that clean the air and return it to the room. These filters need to be cleaned or replaced periodically.

  • Bathroom Ventilation Fans: These fans may be either wall mounted or installed in the ceiling. Special provision needs to be made during construction for a wall mounted exhaust ventilation fan. Installation is pretty easy and these fans help to remove heat, moisture and chemical substances from the air.

  • Attic Ventilation Fans: Attics, basements, garages, etc. are all enclosed storage areas that attract moisture, in turn leading to the formation of mold and fungus. To prevent this, exhaust fans that are temperature sensitive may be installed. These fans get switched on automatically when the temperature reaches a certain level and remove hot air, replacing it with cool air.

  • Solar Ventilation Fans: An exhaust ventilation fan used in any room can be run on electricity or solar power, or a combination of both. During seasons when sunlight is abundant and the solar battery can be kept charged all the time, solar power may be used to run the fan. When sunlight is not so plenty, electricity may be used, thereby reducing the consumption of power.

  • Inline Ventilation Fans: This type of ventilation system can be introduced into existing ducts and air conditioning vents in the house. This reduces the need for the use of air conditioners as the house can be cooled using exhaust ventilation fans alone.

Purchasing Exhaust Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are available in local electrical stores and hardware stores. You can take a look at several models before you take your pick. On the internet too, you can find many websites selling exhaust ventilation fans online, so that you can order one from the comfort of your home. The size of ventilation fan you purchase must be suitable for the size of the room where it is intended to be used.

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