Air Ventilation Fans


Air Ventilation Fans

While constructing a house or a building for any purpose, special care and attention must be provided to the process and provision of ventilation. If a structure is not well ventilated, the air inside will seem hot and stale, creating a stuffy environment. Moreover, such an environment poses several health hazards. Therefore, ventilation is always of utmost importance, be it natural or mechanical.

What are Air Ventilation Fans?

Given the cramped living spaces and requirements today, natural ventilation through large windows is almost always impossible. In such circumstances, mechanical means such as the use of air ventilation fans is a must.

Air ventilation fans are devices that are designed to remove stale and hot air from an indoor environment, replacing it with clean and fresh air. There are several models and designs of exhaust fans available; however, the most common one has a set of blades that create suction when they rotate. The suction is responsible for expelling stale air from a room.

Types of Air Ventilation Fans

There are many different types of ventilation fans, depending on the mode of installation and nature of use. Let’s take a look at a few different types.
  • Wall Mounted Fans: These air ventilation fans are mounted or installed in the wall, most often an exterior wall. They are able to introduce fresh air into the room after the old air has been expelled. They can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, etc.

  • Ceiling Fans: These fans are also exhaust fans that are installed in the ceiling. They could be stand alone devices, or centralized ones installed using the air conditioning ducts and vents. Stand alone ceiling ventilation fans can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens. For bathrooms, fancy ones are available with light fixtures. In kitchens, these fans may be placed directly above the stove to remove smoke and fumes that arise during cooking.

  • Inline Fans: These air ventilation fans are integrated with an existing air conditioning system. The vents are used to suck in stale air and provide fresh air while the ducts are used for the air to flow. This is a good substitution for an air conditioning system as it saves a lot of power.
There are many other types of air ventilation fans depending on the mode of operation, design and functioning. These fans produce air flow that is measured in cubic foot per minute (CFM). The CFM of air flow produced by a fan should be sufficient to cover the entire area of the room. If the fan is too small in comparison to the room where it is installed, it would not be able to provide sufficient ventilation.

Purchasing Air Ventilation Fans

These fans can be purchased from several places. Local stores that stock electric products are sure to sell air ventilation fans. Hardware stores and some general stores also have them for sale. If you are comfortable purchasing online, you could find a lot of websites that provide information about these ventilation fans and also sell them. They can be purchased from the comfort of your home by using just a credit card.

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