Bathroom Ventilation Fans Installation


Bathroom Ventilation Fans Installation

Bathroom ventilation fans are of utmost importance in a home. Bathrooms tend not to have large windows and hence, moisture, odors and chemicals remain trapped within the indoor air. During hot showers, a lot of steam is generated within a bathroom. Due to the use of chemical products and other substances, strong odors are also quite common inside a bathroom.

To expel all these substances, bathroom ventilation fans need to be installed that remove the stale air and replace it with fresh air.

Bathroom Ventilation Fans Installation

The bathroom is one of the most important places where ventilation fans installation needs to be done. For large bathrooms, sometimes more than one exhaust fan may be required. Bathroom ventilation fans installation is a simple process and can be accomplished quite easily. Proper installation however, is important for a fan to function with efficiency. At the most, bathroom ventilation fans installation may be completed in a few hours.

Let’s take a look at the process involved in standard bathroom ventilation fans installation.
  • You would first need to decide if you are going for a ceiling or a wall bathroom ventilation fan. Once you make this decision, the installation process will vary depending on your choice.

  • The power needs to be disconnected from the circuit before you start your work. This is to prevent any mishaps or electrical accidents from occurring. You can switch off the main power supply to the house before you start installing the bathroom ventilation fan.

  • If you are installing a ceiling ventilation fan, remove any insulation on the ceiling. If a light fixture is being installed along with the fan unit, remove the original fixture before you begin.

  • Choose the correct position for the bathroom ventilation fans installation where it would function with maximum efficiency. You can secure the ventilation system straight to the ceiling beam. Hold the fan firmly and make marks around the fan to define where the installation needs to take place.

  • Once you have marked the place of installation, you can go ahead and puncture the corners. Then, make cuts along the marks you have made, after which the fan can be fixed firmly in place.

  • The same goes for ceiling bathroom fans installation, except that you would be making this installation in a pre determined place on the wall.

  • Once the fan has been installed, the cabling needs to be completed before you can use the bathroom ventilation fan.

Purchasing Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Most bathroom ventilation fans installation are simple and can be done easily at home with the help of the manual provided. For more complicated ventilation systems, the services of a professional can be hired.

Before proceeding with bathroom ventilation fans installation, however, you need to be sure of the exact size, shape and type of fan that is required to meet the ventilation requirements of the bathroom. Some bathrooms may need larger fans, or more than one fan. Depending on these factors, you need to select the right kind of fan for your bathroom.

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