Quiet Ventilation Fans


Quiet Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are a vital and integral part of our daily lives, so much that we do not care to think of them twice, unless we are in the process of making installations for homes or commercial spaces. Once installed, these fans continue to do their job, providing us with fresh and clean air to breathe, with little maintenance required from time to time.

Several features have been incorporated into ventilation fans in modern times. These fans are no longer simple devices with blades that rotate and suck out stale air. Sophisticated systems have been developed, each suited for a different kind of indoor environment. Many additional features such as light, speed variation, temperature sensitivity, etc. are available along with ventilation fans these days.

What are Quiet Ventilation Fans?

It is needless to mention that a noisy ventilation fan is quite annoying. In quiet indoor environments the noise tends to be even more pronounced and hence more of a nuisance. To combat this, a range of quiet ventilation fans have been developed that produce little to no noise, making it easy to forget that these are fans are at work in the background.

Quiet Ventilation Fans Manufacturers

Some of the leading manufacturers of ventilation systems produce special models of fans that are meant to be quiet, both for commercial and for domestic use. Let’s take a look at some of the popular models of quiet ventilation fans.
  • Panasonic: The Whisper-Green Lite Panasonic is a popular quiet ventilation fan. This fan comes with additional features of lights, built in variable speed controls, grille and motion sensor. In addition to being a quiet fan it also conserves energy while functioning.

  • Broan Ultra Silent Select-Air Ventilation: Broan is one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation fans in North America. This particular model of quiet ventilation fans is known for being ultra silent. Besides that, it is also able to provide customizable ventilation depending on specific needs of the homeowner.

  • Hunter: Hunter, a manufacturer of fans known for great designs are well as performance, provide a range of quiet ventilation fans producing varying levels of noise. The noise is measured in Sone and the range available is 1 Sone or under, 1.1-2.5 Sones, 2.6-3.5 Sones, etc. Based on this and other factors, a selection of fan can be made that fits into the budget.

  • Thermastor: The Quiet-Vent Ventilation System from Thermastor is another popular one of the quiet ventilation fans. This is a central exhaust system that replaces noisy and low output, providing efficient and effective ventilation.

Purchasing Quiet Ventilation Fans

Of course, noise is only one of the factors that need to be considered before choosing a ventilation fan. However, the advantages of quiet ventilation fans are many. Before you go about purchasing one, you can contact several manufacturers to have representatives sent over. These representatives would assess the space that needs ventilation, taking in details such as room size and type, CFM required, etc. Based on these parameters, they would be able to make a suggestion for the best type of ventilation fan required for your space.

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