Domestic Ventilation Fans


Domestic Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are useful in a variety of indoor spaces. Be it for domestic spaces or commercial, ventilation fans are a must for the proper circulation of air to take place, and to maintain a healthy atmosphere for breathing. Since natural ventilation is not possible in all places, mechanical ventilation in the form of fans needs to be used.

What are Domestic Ventilation Fans?

Ventilation fans used in houses, in bathrooms, kitchens, attics, basements, etc., are termed as domestic ventilation fans. These fans differ from commercial fans in terms of size, design, installation and even speed.

Domestic ventilation fans are designed to be suited for use in household environments. The volume of ventilation provided would be sufficient for the type of activities carried out normally in homes. It is common to find houses installed with many types of ventilation fans.

Types of Domestic Ventilation Fans

Depending on the type of room, the activities carried out in the room, and its size. Some of the different types of ventilation fans are:
  • Kitchen Fans: The domestic ventilation fans used in kitchens are designed to remove dust, grime, grease, fumes and strong odors that generally arise during cooking. In domestic kitchens, hood fans installed directly above the stove are used. These fans are fitted with filters that clean the air and retain all the contaminants. These filters need to be cleaned periodically.

  • Bathroom Fans: The bathroom is a place where a lot of moisture tends to accumulate in the air. Due to the use of hot water, steam and other chemicals, toxins and steam are also present. If left that way, mold and other types of fungus would form, which is not healthy. Ventilation fans are used to extract stale air and then replace it with fresh air.

  • Attic Fans: Attics, basements and garages are used to store several types of items which are not touched for a long time. This could again lead to stale and damp air, causing health hazards. Domestic ventilation fans are used in these spaces too, to remove stale air.

  • Whole House Ventilation: Individual fans can be used to create air circulation in rooms where ventilation is required. However, ventilation can be provided to the entire house, in order to circulate air and also keep the house cool. This is done through a centralized system of ventilation, with vents and ducts installed in the ceiling. Underfloor ventilation is a similar concept, except through diffusers in the floor.

Purchasing Domestic Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans can be purchased locally through retail outlets. Alternatively, you could look at manufacturer websites. Most manufacturers of domestic ventilation fans have their own websites where they have e-catalogs of their products. Looking through the models available, you can make your choice of design, size, CFM, etc. of the fan you are looking for. There are websites that even provide comparisons of products from different manufacturers. Once you have taken a look at several ventilation fans and made your decision, you can purchase the product either locally, or through the website itself, from the comfort of your home.

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