Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Fans


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Fans

Kitchen ventilation fans, as the name suggests, are used to provide proper air circulation and purification in kitchens. Ventilation fans are, in fact, used in other indoor environments too, for the same purpose. The need for fans arises when natural ventilation is insufficient to clear up the air or provide fresh air to the indoor space. In such a case mechanical ventilation fans are required.

Kitchen Ventilation Fans

These fans are designed exclusively for use in kitchen environments. The activities carried out in a kitchen vary from those in other rooms, and hence the quality of air is also different. As a result of cooking, steam, smoke, fumes, strong odors and grease are released into the air, and are considered to be contaminants. Breathing in such air constantly would be a health and safety hazard. To avoid these, kitchen ventilation fans may be installed.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Fans

There is a lot of difference between the nature of cooking that takes place in domestic and commercial kitchens. Due to the large scale cooking activities, the amount of contaminants released into the air is also large. To combat this, commercial kitchen ventilation fans are specifically designed. These fans may be larger in size, faster, and more energy efficient too. The principles used in construction are different. Commercial kitchen ventilation fans may be wall or ceiling mounted.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Fans

Depending on the nature of ventilation required in commercial kitchens, the fans may be of different types.
  • Kitchen Hoods: Kitchen hoods or extractor hoods are devices that encase a mechanical fan. This hood is installed in such a way that it hangs over a stove or a cook top inside the kitchen. The purpose of this commercial kitchen ventilation fan is to remove smoke, odors, heat, steam and airborne grease from the air. It works on the principle of filtration, unlike most other ventilation fans. The filter installed over the blades works on purifying the air and clean air is returned to the room. This filter needs to be removed and cleaned periodically. These fans also come with a light installed to provide illumination to the cooking surface.

  • Make-up Air Systems: This is another type of ventilation and air purifying device used for ventilation in commercial kitchens. The purpose of this equipment is to bring in fresh air from outside. Heated and unheated ventilation systems are available. Different designs and fans working on varied principles of ventilation are available.

  • Exhaust Fans and Blowers: These are like normal ventilation fans, but designed to handle a heavy duty volume of ventilation. These fans may be axial or centrifugal. These commercial kitchen ventilation fans may be mounted on the roof or on the wall.

Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Fans

The manufacturers of commercial ventilation fans would generally have a good range of kitchen fans as well. Some of the leading brands for commercial kitchen ventilation fans are PennBarry, Woods, Panasonic, etc. It is possible to request a quote directly from these companies. A local representative would be sent over to the kitchen space to provide ventilation solutions.

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