Kitchen Ventilation Fans


Kitchen Ventilation Fans

Proper ventilation is required to maintain safe and healthy living conditions in a house. Natural or mechanical systems of ventilation may be used for this purpose. In bedrooms and living rooms, large windows provide sufficient air circulation. Windows are a natural system of ventilation. However, in certain rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom, where the air tends to be more moisture laden, mechanical ventilation systems are required.

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Due to cooking activities, the air in kitchens tends to be filled with smoke, grease and moisture. Humidity and strong odors are also pretty common in most kitchens. To evacuate these from an indoor space with just the help of a window is not practical or feasible. There are a ways in which mechanical ventilation can be provided such as:
  • Kitchen Ventilation Fans
  • Ventilation Hoods
  • Range Hoods

Kitchen Ventilation Fans

Kitchen ventilation fans are like standard exhaust fans used in bathrooms and other rooms. Their basic functionality is to remove hot air and humidity from the room. Additionally, they may also expel strong odors that arise during cooking activities.

These fans are usually rectangular and sometimes round in shape. The size of the fan needs to be appropriate when compared the size of the kitchen, so that air circulation takes place efficiently. The noise level produced by kitchen ventilation fans is of importance too. You do not want a very noisy fan, as this could be quite annoying. Quieter fans tend to be more expensive. Decorative fans are available, although most people go for dark colored ones.

The advantage of a kitchen ventilation fan over other systems is its ease of installation and cleaning. These fans can be easily removed and cleaned, before reinstallation. They can be installed either on the side wall or on the ceiling. Installing these fans on the ceiling poses an advantage, as hot air tends to rise naturally and can be expelled easily.

Kitchen ventilation fans work on sucking up the hot air and smoke from a kitchen and then sending it out. Alternatively, some models of fans filter the air and return clean air to the room.

Other Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Apart from kitchen ventilation fans, hoods may also be required for proper air circulation. Hoods may be of different types, depending on the purpose they serve. A hood without a vent is responsible for filtering the air and returning it to the kitchen. This type of hood is generally installed on an interior wall and has a removable filter that can be cleaned and replaced when it gets too dirty. A hood with a vent, on the other hand, simply pushes the unwanted air outside, and hence must be located on an exterior wall.

Range hoods are kitchen ventilation fans that are placed directly above a stove top. When switched on, the fan located inside the hood forces the air to move outside. Large hoods come with light options. Range hoods are considered an important kitchen accessory and are included in the designing and d├ęcor of the room.

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