Ventilation Fans for Grow Rooms


Ventilation Fans for Grow Rooms

Grow rooms are essentially indoor rooms where plants are grown. Under strictly controlled and monitored conditions, it is possible to grow plants of various kinds indoors. Grow rooms may be made in houses or used by professional horticulturies and seed producers to control the environment of plants.

Ventilation is required for almost all indoor spaces and grow rooms are no exception. In places where natural ventilation fails to provide sufficient air circulation, mechanical means need to be employed. Ventilation fans are needed to promote the circulation of fresh air and help in removing toxins and unwanted substances from the air. If not properly ventilated, indoor environments can become unfit for humans to breathe and live in.

About Ventilation Fans for Grow Rooms

Indoor gardening is a popular hobby these days. Apart from professionals, many householders are opting for indoor gardens in the form of grow rooms. If you maintain one in your house, it is important to give ample consideration to ventilation fans for grow rooms. Apart from food, sunlight and water, plants require fresh, clean air for their nourishment and healthy survival.

Some of the reasons to use ventilation fans for grow rooms are:
  • Heat: Sunlight is not so abundant indoors as it is in outdoor environments. In order to provide sufficient light for the nourishment of plants, many people opt for the installation of an artificial light source run on electricity. High intensity lights cause the formation of heat as well, and hence increase the overall temperature of the environment inside the grow room. Ventilation fans for grow rooms are hence very important to suck out and expel hot air, bringing cool air into the room.

  • Moisture: Due to the constant watering of plants, excess moisture has no outlet in indoor grow rooms. If too much of moisture is present in the air, it could result in the formation of different types of fungi, which is not good for the health of the plants. For humans too, it could trigger allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. Hence, ventilation fans for grow rooms need to be installed, so that unwanted moisture can be removed from the air.

  • Chemicals: The use of chemicals in grow rooms is common in the form of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. These chemicals could release harmful fumes into the air. This does not constitute a healthy environment for plants or for humans. This calls for the installation of ventilation systems in grow rooms.

More About Ventilation Fans for Grow Rooms

Several manufacturers design and sell fans specifically for the purpose of use in grow rooms. These fans may be wall-mounted, duct fans or inline fans. Most fans are made from metals, preferably galvanized steel. Some additional features of ventilation fans for grow rooms include variable speeds and temperature sensitivity. With the inclusion of a thermostat, the fan will be able to come on automatically when the temperature in the room rises beyond a certain level. The humidity in the room can be controlled in the same manner. Different sizes of ventilation fans for grow rooms are available as well.

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