Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Fans


Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Fans

In domestic environments, ventilation fans are used for a variety of purposes and in different rooms. Some of the rooms where the use of ventilation fans is common are the bathroom, kitchen, attic, basement, garage, etc. Just as each room has a use of its own, the requirements for ventilation vary from room to room. Depending on these requirements, the right type of ventilation fans need to be selected.

Attic Ventilation Fans

Certain models or varieties of fans are specially designed keeping in mind the atmosphere prevailing inside attics. Given the nature of use and placement of attics, there are several reasons why attics require ventilation fans. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.
  • High Temperature: Owing to the fact that attics are generally situated right below the roof of the house, the temperature inside would be higher when compared to the other rooms in the house. It is common to find that the attic is filled with warm or hot air, which is not a safe environment to be in for a long period of time. Attic ventilation fans are required to expel this hot air and bring in cool air periodically.

  • Moisture: High levels of moisture are retained in the air inside attics. This is due to the fact that attics are mainly storage areas that are not accessed for longer periods of time. The air inside tends to get damp and clammy. This dampness, if not removed, could lead to the formation of fungus, mold or mildew. Ventilation fans are once again needed for this.

  • Toxins: The storage of chemical substances inside attics could release fumes that are toxic in nature. If these fumes remain in the air for longer periods of time, it could pose a serious health hazard. To maintain safe air for breathing, attic ventilation fans remove these toxins from the air along with other substances.

Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Fans

Attic fans, just as any other, may be powered in at least three ways – Wind Power, Electricity and Solar Power. Of the three, the most energy efficient systems providing effective ventilation are solar powered attic ventilation fans. These fans are becoming popular with the rise in awareness about energy saving procedures and environmentally friendly “green” spaces.

Solar powered attic ventilation fans could either fully solar powered or partially powered. The partially powered models run on both electricity as well as the sun’s energy. These fans have a battery that is constantly charged with solar power. This battery provides sufficient power for the running of the fan. However, during seasons when sunlight is not so readily available, electricity is made use of to run exhaust fans. These fans considerably reduce the amount of electricity used.

Completely solar powered attic ventilation fans do not have an alternate power option. These fans work solely on solar power and have much more powerful batteries that are able to store and provide power for the fan to run all round the year. The advantage of using solar powered attic ventilation fans is that it not only saves power, but also reduces the money spent on electric bills. These fans can be purchased from retail outlets or directly from manufacturers.

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