Centrifugal Ventilation Fans


Centrifugal Ventilation Fans

A ventilation fan is a machine used to create the phenomenon of flow within air. This is the general purpose of any mechanical fan. In terms of ventilation fans, the purpose of creating the flow is to provide for air circulation within indoor spaces. Since natural means of ventilation is not always possible indoors, mechanical means need to be used. If proper ventilation is not maintained, it could result in hazardous living and breathing conditions for people.

Types of Ventilation Fans

The different types of ventilation fans can be classified on the basis of a variety of factors. Based on the direction of air flow, fans may be defined as:
  • Crossflow Ventilation Fans
  • Axial-Flow Ventilation Fans
  • Centrifugal Ventilation Fans

What are Centrifugal Ventilation Fans?

A centrifugal ventilation fan differs from other types of fans in its design as well as the direction of flow created in the air. A typical centrifugal fan consists of a component called an impeller that moves. The impeller has a shaft in the center and a set of blades surrounding it. When the fan is powered, the impeller rotates and causes the air to move perpendicularly. The air enters the fan near the shaft and moves from the shaft to the opening in a perpendicular direction.

The use of centrifugal force that is generated by a rotating disk is the main principle behind the working of this type of fan. The blades of the fan are mounted at right angles to the disk. This increases the pressure of the air flow. A scroll shaped fan housing encases all the components of the fan.

There are quite a few advantages of centrifugal ventilation fans over the other two. The foremost advantage is that this type of fan is able to produce a higher amount of pressure for a given volume of air. Due to this, the flow created in the air is also high. In other words, the centrifugal ventilation fan can be considered more effective in producing ventilation in a given space.

Centrifugal Ventilation Fans Applications

Given the nature of design and functioning of centrifugal ventilation fans, the most common application is in commercial and industrial environments. In industries, centrifugal fans are used as blowers, material handling fans, free standing fans and utility vent sets. They may be required for the purpose of general ventilation or for specific ventilation requirements during the handling of toxic or hazardous substances.

For regular commercial use too, centrifugal ventilation fans are used. These could be roof or wall mounted exhaust fans, ceiling mounted fans, or square, round or inline fans. Down-blast and up-blast fans are used for ventilation in offices, schools and other similar buildings. Ceiling and inline centrifugal ventilation fans may be used in conference rooms, lavatories, etc. The use of these fans is quite varied.

Centrifugal ventilation fans can be purchased directly from manufacturers by visiting their websites. You can take a look at all the products from these manufacturers and select the fans that best suit your needs. These fans can be installed with the help of the manufacturer too.

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