Panasonic Ventilation Fans


Panasonic Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are a part of almost all indoor spaces and rooms these days. Though the fans vary in their design, shape, model and usage, the basic function of all ventilation fans is the same – to create flow and circulation of fresh air in places where this is naturally not possible. Ventilation systems could be simple or complex, depending on whether they are going to be used in homes or for commercial purposes.

About Panasonic Ventilation Fans

Several manufacturers make fans for domestic and commercial settings. Panasonic is one of the leading companies that provide ventilation fans for both. Panasonic has been a trustworthy and reputable brand for electronic and electrical products for many decades. Ventilation fans are one of the many products released by them and are used widely.

Featured Panasonic Ventilation Fans

One of the featured ventilation fans from Panasonic is the Whisper Green-Lite. This new-generation fan provides ventilation at high levels of energy-efficiency, along with a quiet operation. Some of the salient features of this product that set it apart from the rest are:
  • Light: This Panasonic ventilation fan has a built in night light. It also comes with a contemporary flush-mount grille and motion sensor.

  • Energy-Efficiency: The fan comes installed with a flushless DC motor up to 792% more energy efficient than other products that are designed to save energy.

  • Speed controls: Built in variable speed controls are available with this fan along with a high/low delay timer.

  • SmartFlow Technology: This technology allows Panasonic Ventilation Fans to provide a constant CFM output, without any variations or instabilities.

Choosing Panasonic Ventilation Fans

Choosing Panasonic ventilation fans has been made pretty easy from their website. There are three categories of fans to choose from, based on the needs of your indoor environment.
  • Intermittent Ventilation: This type of ventilation, also known as spot or local ventilation, is particularly useful for removing moisture, odors and other contaminants from rooms, right at the source. Ceiling mounted Panasonic ventilation fans are best for these purposes. Industrial or domestic environments that do not require constant ventilation would benefit from the use of these fans.

  • Continuous Ventilation: This type of ventilation is also known as Whole house or indoor air quality ventilation. While intermittent ventilation focuses on specific rooms or spaces, continuous ventilation is concerned with providing a continuous flow of fresh air throughout the house. Once again, ceiling mounted Panasonic ventilations are more commonly used for continuous ventilation.

  • Inline ventilation: Inline Panasonic ventilation fans are usually not ceiling mounted but are installed remotely. They can have single or multiple exhaust inlets that are attached to ducts. Inline fans provide both intermittent as well as continuous ventilation.
Once you have chosen the type of ventilation system you are looking for, you need to enter information pertaining to the room, such as the room size, type, dimensions, duct sizes and additional features required. The information you provide is processed and a list of Panasonic ventilation fans that best suit your need is presented. You can make your choice from this list based on your budget and other factors.

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