Bathroom Ventilation Fans


Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Ventilation in a house is of utmost importance. A poorly ventilated area is considered hazardous in many ways. For instance, lack of oxygen and too much of moisture could cause mold or bacteria to grow indoors, which is quite harmful. A stuffy environment restricts the brain and does not allow us to live in peace.

What are Bathroom Ventilation Fans?

While in most rooms of the house large windows take care of the ventilation system naturally, there are certain rooms where mechanical ventilation is required. Rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, attic, etc. where strong odors, smoke, grease and moisture is laden in the atmosphere, ventilation fans are needed to provide the necessary circulation of air.

Particularly in the bathroom, the use of ventilation fans is a must. Bathroom ventilation fans remove moisture and heat from the room, especially after one has taken a hot shower, and also work on expelling bad odors.

Types of Bathroom Ventilation Fans

If you are considering purchasing bathroom ventilation fans for your house, there are quite a few factors you need to consider. Several features are provided with ventilation fans these days and it is a good idea to be aware of these before you make your decision. A few important things are:
  • Noise: The noise produced by bathroom ventilation fans is a very important factor to consider while making a selection. Quiet fans are obviously more desirable than noisy ones. The level of sound produced by ventilation fans is measured by a unit called sone. Loud fans have higher sone ratings, while quieter fans have lower ones. The quieter the fan, the more expensive it tends to be. You might want to look for a sone rating between 0.5 and 1.2; these tend to be quiet as well as affordable.

  • Air Flow: The size of the bathroom and the air flow produced by the ventilation fan is the next thing you need to consider. If the flow of air is too low compared to the size of the bathroom, proper circulation may not be achieved. A standard bathroom ventilation fan produces about one cubic foot air per minute, per square foot of the bathroom. Depending on this, you need to figure out the size of the fan required. Very large bathrooms may even need two fans.

  • Additional Features: Several models of ventilation fans come with add-ons that make their functionality better. Night lights, bright lights, heat lamps, etc. are some of these features. In a small bathroom for instance, the fan fitted with a bulb can be used as a primary source of light. You just need to make sure that the wattage is sufficient to provide the needed light, though. Some fans come with night lights, so if you visit the bathroom in the middle of the night, you can use just the exhaust fan and there‚Äôs no need to switch on the bright lights.
Rectangular shaped ventilation fans are most commonly used in bathrooms. Round fans are also available, but not used very often. Light provisions are usually made in the center of the fan. Decorative fans serve the purpose of ventilation and make the room look prettier.

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