Sidewall Ventilation Fans


Sidewall Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans can be installed in many methods, on walls, ceilings, or even under the floor. The purpose of ventilation fans is to make sure of the circulation of fresh air occurs constantly in indoor spaces. Natural ventilation is not always sufficient for the purpose of clearing stale and contaminated air indoors. More so, when there are several contaminants, along with moisture present in the air.

What are Sidewall Ventilation Fans?

As the name indicates, these fans are wall-mounted, installed on a sidewall. While ventilation fans can be installed on the ceiling, there are several uses of fans being installed on the wall. Wall mounted fans are generally easy to install.

Types of Sidewall Ventilation Fans

Depending on the method of expulsion of air, ventilation fans can be classified as:
  • Ductless Ventilation Fans: Certain sidewall ventilation fans are installed without the use of ducts. Ducts are long attachments made to fans in order to provide for a confined space for the flow of air. In the absence of ducts, a hole the size of the fan is made on the wall, where the fan is installed. Air is expelled directly to the outside atmosphere through the hole.

  • Ventilation Fans with Ducts: As mentioned before, ducts are built to provide a space for air flow. This is a safer method to dispose of contaminated air, especially if it contains toxic fumes and materials. Ducts are built in the ceiling or outside the house. Sidewall ventilation fans can be attached to ducts to remove contaminated air in a safe manner.
Depending on the rooms where the fans are used, they may be classified as:
  • Bathroom Fans: Bathrooms have a lot of moisture in the air, owing to the use of water and the formation of steam. The use of chemical products also releases toxic substances into the air. Bad odors are common in bathrooms too. All these can be easily dealt with, if sidewall ventilation fans are installed. These fans are specifically designed for ventilating bathrooms.

  • Kitchen Fans: The environment in a kitchen is very different from that in a bathroom. Again, moisture is present, but apart from that fumes, grease and strong odors are present. Kitchen sidewall ventilation fans are equipped to deal with this type of an environment

  • Attic/Garage/Basement Fans: All these places are more or less used for storing things. Sometimes toxic materials are stored, which could make the air unfit for breathing. The presence of moisture again poses the threat of formation of fungus or mildew. Sidewall ventilation fans are useful to combat all these issues.

Features of Sidewall Ventilation Fans

Additional features are available with ventilation fans. Some of the features include temperature sensitive automatic functioning, variable speed levels, light fixtures, etc.

Sidewall ventilation fans are best purchased from retail dealers who have physical stores. Besides this, you can also find these products online, on websites from retailers as well as directly from manufacturers. You can read all you need to know about these products and place your order on the internet itself.

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