Ventilation Fans Home


Ventilation Fans Home

Ventilation is an important aspect of a home environment. Ventilation fans are used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces like attics, basements and garages. These spaces tend to have a lot of substances in the air, like moisture and chemicals. Natural methods of ventilation and air circulation through large windows and doors are not practical for such environments. Mechanical ventilation through the use of fans is required.

Home Ventilation Fans

Ventilation Fans are vital for home use today. The simplest of home ventilation fans consist of a set of blades made of metal, usually aluminum. These blades are set in a frame with a grille. The blades rotate when powered with electricity, and create suction. This enables stale air to be sucked into the fan and expelled to the outer environment. These fans are installed on an exterior wall or a ceiling, in a pre constructed space meant for the fan itself. This makes the expulsion of stale air easy.

More complicated systems of ventilation fans can be installed that provide the circulation of air to the whole house, instead of individual rooms. Using a system of vents and ducts similar to air conditioning units, ventilation fans in the home can be set up. The air would flow through ducts in the ceiling and fans installed in vents that are installed in every room. This would keep the house cooler and eliminate the need for air conditioning.

Uses of Ventilation Fans in the Home

Ventilation fans can be put to several uses in the home environment, depending on the room where it is installed. Let’s take a look at a few such uses.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the places where home ventilation fans are commonly used. While cooking dishes, smoke and fumes are invariably produced along with grease and strong odors. This can be removed directly by having a ventilation fan switched on during cooking. Stove top hood fans are quite popular. They come with a removable filter that cleans the air and returns it to the room. The filter needs to be cleaned periodically.

  • Bathroom: Bad odors are present in the bathroom, along with moisture from the use of water. Hot water produces steam that clouds up the bathroom, causing it to become stuffy. Moisture heat and any other toxins present in the air are sucked up by an exhaust fan and expelled outside. Fresh air replaces the old, stale air.

  • Attic: Attics are general storage areas where things tend to remain untouched for years together. Dampness in the air, especially during the rainy season, could result in the formation of mildew. Moreover, if chemical substances are stored in these rooms, toxins might be released into the air. Home ventilation fans in such rooms evacuate moisture and toxins, simultaneously reducing the temperature of the room.

Purchasing Ventilation Fans for the Home

The best time to decide on and purchase ventilation fans for the home is during construction. Proper provisions can then be made, and installation is also completed with ease. Some prior research is required to make sure you select the right fan to suit the ventilation requirements of the house.

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