Home Ventilation Fans


Home Ventilation Fans

Home ventilation fans are a must have in today’s world. Given the diminishing size of rooms and living spaces, windows and other means of natural ventilation no longer serve the purpose. Mechanical methods of ventilation need to be employed, and home ventilation fans are the most basic of the devices used.

What are Ventilation Fans?

The simplest of ventilation fans consist of a set of blades that rotate at varying speeds. Due to the rotation of the blades stale air is sucked and expelled out of a room, bringing in fresh air. There are many types of home ventilation fans that can be used for various purposes. Ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, ventilation fans are available in different styles and models, with aesthetically pleasing designs.

Ventilation fans are used not just in homes but also in commercial spaces such as industries, malls, restaurants, etc. Exhaust fans are available in different sizes and with several features. The right type of fan needs to be selected depending on the nature of use.

Home Ventilation Fans

Ventilation in homes is quite important, especially in the bathroom, kitchen and other closed spaces. In bathrooms, due to hot showers and the use of chemical products the air tends to have a high content of moisture and other toxic substances that need to be expelled. In the kitchen, due to cooking and other activities, a lot of smoke, fumes, grease and strong odors are present that need to be removed periodically. Spaces such as the attic and garage are used to store a lot of items that may not be touched or moved for long periods of time. This could lead to the formation of mildew and mold. Hence, the moisture in the air needs to be cleared and the circulation of fresh air is important. Basements require mechanical home ventilation fans as well.

Types of Home Ventilation Fans

There are several types of ventilation fans available with many features for use in homes. Let’s take a look at a few models.
  • Ventilation Fans with Light: For bathrooms, ventilation fans are available with light fixtures. This is advantageous for use in the night and also during the day in bathrooms where natural light is scarce. The light comes on automatically when the fan is switched on.

  • Hood Fans: In kitchens, it is a common practice to have ventilation fans installed just above the stove top. These fans are concealed in decorative hoods that have a duct to directly expel air outside. Some of these fans have filters that clean the air and return it back to the same room. These filters need to be removed and cleaned from time to time

  • Solar Fans: Home ventilation fans can be run on electricity or solar power. The use of solar fans is quite recommended as it is more environment-friendly. Additionally, you can save some money on electric bills with the use of solar ventilation fans.
Home ventilation fans can be purchased on the internet and from local stores that sell electrical products.

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