Rooftop Ventilation Fans


Rooftop Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are used to provide air circulation in indoor spaces mechanically. With the help of ventilation fans, stale air along with contaminants that could not be expelled by natural means, are removed from rooms and buildings. Fans are used for ventilation in homes, commercial buildings and industries.

In homes, fans could be used to ventilate bathrooms, kitchens, attics, basements, garages, etc. Rooftop ventilation fans are also installed.

What are Rooftop Ventilation Fans?

As the name suggests, rooftop ventilation fans are those that are installed at the very top of the house, on the roof. The purpose of installing fans on the rooftops could be described as follows:
  • Reduction of Overall Temperature: In addition to air conditioning systems, rooftop ventilation fans are great to reduce the temperature of the air in the house and keep it cool. The principle behind this is that hot air rises upwards naturally and can be expelled outside by the installation of fans at the top of the roof.

  • Ventilation of Attics: The attic is generally the room situated directly under the roof. Attics have a lot of moisture trapped in the air along with toxins released by any chemicals that might be stored there. If left unattended, this could result in the formation of fungus and also a hazardous breathing environment. Roof ventilation fans are needed to create proper ventilation in attics to avoid the development of such an atmosphere.

Types of Rooftop Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans installed on rooftops may either be inlet or outlet fans. The difference between the two is in the direction and nature of air flow. Inlet ventilation fans allow fresh air from outside to enter the attic and all areas under the roof. Thus, clean air replaces stale and old air. Such fans are installed at the eaves on the rooftop.

Outlet rooftop ventilation fans are just the opposite of the former. These fans are built with the main purpose of pushing out stale and contaminated air from the building. These fans are installed near the ridge line of the roof.

A combination of both inlet and outlet rooftop ventilation fans is required to maintain optimum levels of ventilation.

More Information on Rooftop Ventilation Fans

There are some adverse effects that could result from the lack of use of rooftop fans. Apart from the buildup of moisture that has obvious negative consequences, damage could be caused to the wood on the roof and in the attic. Bending, warping and cracking of wood can easily occur if there is excess moisture in the environment. If steam escapes into the air, shingles, nails and any other type of metal could easily give way to rust.

Roof ventilation fans can be purchased from local retail stores that stock fans and other electrical products. These fans can also be bought on the internet. Many websites provide information and catalogs of ventilation fans and the product descriptions. By carefully looking at these details, you can determine the best type of roof ventilation fans that suits your requirement. After this, an order can be placed from the comfort of your home.

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