Wall Mounted Ventilation Fans


Wall Mounted Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are an integral part of homes and other building structures in today’s world. In earlier days, ventilation was easily achieved through large sized windows and doors. However, indoor environments today require mechanical ventilation methods and hence fans need to be installed in certain rooms. Bathrooms, attics, kitchens and other rooms require the use of ventilation fans.

Types of Ventilation Fans

Fans used for ventilation could be of several types, depending on the style, model, design, shape and size. The mode of installation also differs. Depending on the type of installation involved, fans could be classified as:
  • Ceiling Ventilation Fans
  • Wall Mounted Ventilation Fans
Let’s take a look at the functioning of wall mounted fans in detail.

Wall Mounted Ventilation Fans

An exterior wall is usually chosen to install fans for ventilation purposes. During the construction of the building itself, provisions are made in the walls of certain rooms where ventilation fans are required. If such provisions have not been made, such a fan can be installed on to windows as well.

Wall mounted ventilation fans have a set of blades that rotate and create suction. This helps in drawing out stale, hot air. The fan introduces fresh air into the room after expelling the stale air. These fans usually run at varying levels of speed that can be adjusted according to the state of air in the room.

The effectiveness of wall mounted ventilation fans would depend on their size and speed of rotation. The amount of air flow produced by fans is measured in CFM. The larger and faster a fan is, the higher is the CFM. Hence, the fan and its speed need to be selected depending on the size of the room and the amount of toxins present in the air.

Ventilation fans installed on the wall may be used in rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, attic, basement or garage.

Other Features of Wall Mounted Ventilation Fans

Other features can be incorporated into these fans, to provide additional functionality. For instance, light fixtures are installed on bathroom ventilation fans. The light comes on whenever the fan is switched on. This is useful when you use the bathroom in the night, to have just one switch for both the fan and the light, instead of fumbling in the dark.

Noisy exhaust fans are quite annoying and difficult to tolerate. Noiseless fans are available, but they are quite expensive. In fact, the less noise wall mounted ventilation fans tend to make, the costlier they are. It’s best to get a fan that makes tolerable levels of noise at an affordable price, if you are working with a budget.

The cleaning and maintenance of wall mounted exhaust fans is not difficult. Grime and grease tend to get accumulated on the blades that need to be wiped clean periodically. Some ventilation fans come with a filter attachment that removes impurities from the air, returning clean air to the room. These filters also need to be cleaned frequently and replaced from time to time.

Wall mounted ventilation fans are easily available locally and also on the internet.

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